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Steig’s audio tape

Olivia play's Steig's tape


Near the end of the episode, Olivia pulls Steig’s tape out of the glove box, rewinds it and then presses play. If you slow down the portion of audio that is rewinding, it is actually people talking.

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The Steig Twins: 101 - “Pilot”

Dr. Richard Steig

Steig Twins

Morgan & Richard Steig - played by Jason Butler Harner


The evil twin scenario. I suppose every show has to have an episode with…what the fringe…it’s just a twin!


Richard uses his brother Morgan as a lab rat, switching his epi-pen with a nasty synthetic compound. Morgan was fired from Massive Dynamic for stealing classified information. Dr. Richard Steig is the one responsible for the demise of John Scott.


Status: Both twins are deceased.