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Fringe Holiday Schedule

Don’t anybody panic, but it looks like “Fringe” will be taking an extended Holiday this winter.



November 25 - Episode 9 - “The Dreamscape”

December 2 - Episode 10 - “Safe”

January 20 - Episode 11 - “Bound”


With nothing new to write about for 7 weeks (ouch), I will be opening two new sections over the holidays. One dedicated to case_0091 and the other solely about the Fibonacci correlations.  If there is something else you would like to see, just let me know, after all, thumb twiddling is not exactly my forte.

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Old flames - spoiler

Old flames reappear for both Olivia and Peter in upcoming episodes.

Fringe Spoilers

Spoilers - Read more here…

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Wildstorm produces “Fringe” comic book series

D.C. Comics’ ‘Wildstorm’ is releasing a six issue miniseries to tie in with Fringe. The first of the mini-series was released in September, 2022…


There are definitely hidden (and not-so-hidden) elements that will feed into the Fringe [tv] series that you can only find in the comic.” said Athena Wickham, co-story consultant for the Fringe comic and TV executive for Abrams’ production company, Bad Robot. While Wickham said reading the comic isn’t necessary for viewers to understand what’s happening in the show, “It will give them a greater appreciation of what’s to come and help them uncover some of the integrated plot points.

Issue #1

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“Fringe” gets picked up for full season

Not that I am surprised, but Fox announced that it has given ‘Fringe‘ a full-season order. The network has opted to order nine more episodes of the show, which brings its first-season total to 22. With its army of big-name producers (J.J. Abrams, Bob Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Bryan Burk), enough marketing to make ‘Fringe‘ a household name before it even aired, and a time slot behind House, ‘Fringe‘ was in good hands.


We’re having a blast working on this show with this great team of producers and amazing cast.” said Fox chief Kevin Reilly. “The series has really taken off creatively, and it’s exciting to see that the audience is responding. We believe this is the first full season of many years to come.