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Walter’s lab notes - 106

"The Cure" lab notes


Project 1051 - Exploration 1

Some pictures of the diner and the bodies, what I believe to be another image of a painting from Roy’s apartment (103-The Ghost Network), some mango and Walter’s thoughts on the Red Sox.

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The Observer goes unnoticed

Doesn’t Olivia brag about being very observant, and being able to piece things together easily? I can understand her not picking him out of a large crowd…

In the crowd

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Nina’a pin

When Peter is talking to Nina, you can see a pin on her shirt. It looks like a Reef Knot (Square Knot)…

Nina's pin

I did a little research, but I couldn’t seem to find any correlation between the knot and science. Although it is considered very dangerous and untrustworthy. The story goes sailors used this knot on their bags for they did not trust landsman. If a thief closed the bag after his theft, he would close it with a reef-knot, which is detectable by the sailor.  Maybe it is symbolic of Peter trusting Nina and making a deal with her, or maybe it’s just a brooch…but I will be watching for this symbol again in future episodes.

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Alpha pin

Remember the symbol on the kayak, that I thought was ‘Aleph’…

On the kayak

well here it is again, in it’s proper form (sideways)…

On Esterbrooks' lapel

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INtREPUS prelude

Remember the coffee mug from the last episode…

On the mug

Turns out, it was a prelude to this weeks episode. INtREPUS is a drug company in competition with Massive Dynamic, and Dr. Patel not only works for them, but is afraid of them. And well he should be…turning somebody into a human microwave, and using them to boil peoples brains, is not exactly what you want in an employer. You can see the poster on Dr. Patel’s wall…

On Patel's wall

The caption reads ‘Treating and curing your family for over 20 years.‘ Yeah, right…and when given the chance, we’ll make your head explode!!

And then we see the entire building…


Well, I guess that’s one mystery solved..of the many.

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106 - “The Cure”

Original Airdate: October 21, 2022

Original Airdate: October 14, 2022

"The Cure"


Synopsis: A woman, who has been missing for three weeks, turns up at a local diner, confused and unable to remember… Read the rest of this entry »