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The old watch switcheroo

Just after Joseph kills his mom, he picks up the phone…you can see his watch is on his right hand.

Then he runs to pack his bag…his watch is on his left hand.

He runs out of the apartment and down the stairs only to be met by Dr. Fischer and his goon. The goon shoots him with his tranquilizer gun and Joseph falls to the floor…BLAM…his watch his back on his right hand!

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M.D. Logo on poster

When the agents charge into Dr. Jacob Fischer’s warehouse, you can see a poster on the wall with the same slogan as the newspaper ad. “Unlock your hidden potential”. In the bottom right hand corner, you can see the Massive Dynamic logo.

On the poster

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Olivia’s new office

Olivia has a new office #. I assume she moved from the FBI building to the Homeland Security one. If not, maybe I should file this post under ‘Fringe Fumbles’.

New office

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What is INtREPUS?

When they zoom in on the television to show the newscast about the elevator accident…you can see a mug on the desk to the right of the screen. It says ‘INtREPUS’.


I don’t know if it means anything, but I will be curious to see if it ties in to anything in upcoming episodes.

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Walter’s lab notes - 105

"Power Hungry" lab notes


Project 491 - Exploration 7

Some images of the elevator disaster, a diagram of some experiment, a macaroni picture made by Peter as a child, some pigeon wings and Walter’s thoughts on the case.

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The Observer sneaking around - 105

If you watch closely, you will see ‘the observer’ getting off of the elevator just as Joseph Meeger is getting on (approximately 3min 58sec in).

On the elevator

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Joseph Meeger: 105 - “Power Hungry”

Joseph Meeger


Joseph Meeger - played by Ebon Moss-Bachrach


This is a case of a not-so-regular-’Joe’. Josesph Meeger, like any other average citizen, is just trying to live his ‘Meeger‘ life and perhaps get the girl. But what’s not normal about this guy is…every time he gets upset, electronics go crazy and people die!


The only upside for this dude is being able to maim your over-bearing, annoying boss without having to do time in Leavenworth.


Status: Alive, but being held for testing

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105 - “Power Hungry”

Original Airdate: October 14, 2022

Original Airdate: October 14, 2022

"Power Hungry"


Synopsis: A series of strange deaths involving electronic devices, leads the team to a man who has the… Read the rest of this entry »