Oct 24, 2022 Posted in Fringe - Symbols & Glyphs by Scully


In Olivia’s dream sequence, when the kayak floats across the screen, you can see a symbol at the tip…

Alpha on kayak


Alpha: (uppercase A) The first letter in the Greek alphabet. Although this is not technically the symbol for ‘Alpha’, it is derived from the Phoenician letter ‘Aleph’. This is actually the symbol for Aleph. Alpha is used to refer to ‘the beginning and the end‘ or ‘the most significant occurrence‘.


So my question is…are they referring to the beginning of a new series…the pilot episode? Or are they hinting towards a particular ‘Happening’ (perhaps involving the kayak) to being the most significant or the beginning of the ‘Happenings’? Does it have something to do with Olivia’s uncle?

Alpha on the hand

This one is a long shot, but, in the opening credits, it sure looks like the ‘Aleph’ symbol again.