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May 10, Posted in Fringe - 119 The Road Not Taken > Theories & Speculation by Scully

Broyles – Hero or Zero?

Thanks to Di for emailing me this fantastic theory.  I love it and wanted to share it with everyone…so…Take it away Di…


DOOD! I was talking to my brother, and something awfully interesting came up!  So pr3 [i think it was him] was saying on the site that Broyles was the bad guy. We were running down the list of so-far-rogue agents and of course we reached John Scott and Loeb. So John still gives me the creeps up to this day and I’m not convinced [to not say I'm certain otherwise] that he really was a good wholesome man doing his top-secret job.


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Oct 24, 2022 Posted in Easter Eggs > Fringe - 101 Pilot by Scully

Broyles’ office door #: 4290

Broyles' office door

Well, since we are doing numbers…lets talk Broyles. Office # 4290.


This is a reference to H.R. 4290: An amendment of the 2002 Homeland Security Technology Advancement Act. To amend the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to provide for additional availability of testing facilities and equipment and to extend the authority of the Secretary of Homeland Security to carry out certain research and development projects.

Oct 24, 2022 Posted in Character Bios > Main Characters by Scully

Special Agent Phillip Broyles – played by Lance Reddick

Special Agent Phillip Broyles

Phillip Broyles
Full Name: Phillip_________Broyles
Date of Birth: 1963
Place of Birth: Cockeysville, MD
Marital Status: Unknown
Homeland Security office #: 4290
University of Maryland – B.A. in Theology
Columbia – J.D. (law degree)
Homeland Security
Background: Best friend put away for sexually assulting three marine privates.