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Walter’s lab notes - 103

"The Ghost Network" lab notes


Project 773 - Exploration 13

Image of one of the paintings from Roy’s apartment, the duck-rabbit image, and pictures from the case.  Walter’s thoughts on his past experiments on Roy, as well as a poem.

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Prelude to 104 hidden in 103

I spent a lot of time dissecting the subway scene after noticing the ‘magic bullet fumble’ and the first appearance the ‘the observer’, and what I noticed was this bizarre sign on the wall of the subway station.

The subway sign

This doesn’t seem like a normal sign to me! It kind of reminds me of the bullet shaped object that explodes out of the ground in the following episode. Is it possibly a sneak peek into episode 104? If it is, then I think it is genius! I will be going through the other episode very carefully, and will post any other ‘preludes’ that I can find.

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The magic bullet - 103


During the subway scene, I watched as ‘bad guy #1′ shoots ‘bad guy #2′ in the lower right side…so imagine my confusion when ‘bad guy #2′, moments late, clutches his upper left shoulder. Was there perhaps a second shooter, or is this bullet as magic as the one that hit Kennedy?


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The Observer lurks again - 103

In the subway scene (approximately 33min 55sec in), you can see ‘the observer’ watching Olivia as she buzzes past him.

On the subway

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Roy McComb: 103 - “The Ghost Network”



Roy McComb - played by Zak Orth


Yet another example of an experiment gone wrong, Roy believes that he is possessed by the devil, but in fact, he is receiving inter-cranial phone transmissions. That would drive any man insane!


Classic case of a good man tortured by scientists who believe their experiments are for the good of mankind…and maybe the military.


Status: Alive and no longer believes Satan is talking to him.

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103 - “The Ghost Network”

Original Airdate: September 23, 2022

Original Airdate: September 23, 2022

"The Ghost Network"


Synopsis: An incident on a city bus has the team investigating a case of some sort of silicon aerosol that causes the air… Read the rest of this entry »