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The return of John Scott

John Scott (Mark Valley)

Senior editor Mickey O’Connor of TV Guide reports:

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John Scott’s lab - access 112400

At the end of the episode, you see John Scott being wheeled into a lab of some sort. When the orderly placed his hand on the panel you can see an access code appear…the number is 112400

Access panel



Gene ID: 112400


Species: Rattus norvegicus…Selective breeding of these rats has produced the laboratory rat, an important model organism in biological research. It is the most successful mammal on the planet, other than humans.


Is this possibly a reference to John Scott being a lab rat?

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S.A. John Scott - played by Mark Valley

John Scott

John Scott - played by Mark Valley

Full Name: John_________Scott
Date of Birth: 1966 or 67 depending on his birthday
Place of Birth: St. Paul, MN
Marital Status: Single
Blood Type: O-Positive
Joined FBI in 1991as an information analyst in the Washington and New York field offices.  Reassigned to Boston in 1995 - Special Agent
Background: Agent Scott is possibly a double agent working for Massive Dynamic. He won the Meritorious Achievement Award for his investigation of the infamous Nadler incidents that terrorized Boston in the late 1990s.