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As a huge sci-fi and phenomenon fan, I was completely hyped for the premiere of FOX’s new show ‘Fringe’. With past successes such as ‘The X-Files’, ‘Roswell’ and J.J. Abrams’ ‘Lost”, my expectations were quite high, but after watching the 2-hour debut, I was left with some concerns.


First: Anna Torv didn’t impress me as the best choice for leading lady, but then again, I didn’t take to Jillian Anderson right away either.

Second: Although the premiere was very flashy, I was hoping for something a little more compelling. Some deep mysterious characters and a suspenseful, complicated plot-line.


The most interesting character is the mad scientist ‘Dr. Walter Bishop’, who didn’t appear to be that mad once he was released from the mental institution. And as for complicated plots, the ‘what the fringe!’ moment you have to wait 90 minutes to get to, just didn’t have the punch I was waiting for.

That being said and done, I am patient if nothing else, and my patience was finally rewarded with the fourth episode ‘The Arrival’. NOW I’M INTRIGUED !!

Walter is still my favorite character…I can’t wait to hear what amusing mumblings will come out of him next, but I am starting to warm up to ‘Olivia’. There seems to a chemistry building between her and ‘Peter’ that might be slow in the climb but showing potential. And as for the plot-line, well that is what inspired me to start this blog.

Who is the mysterious bald guy ???


His character (referred to as ‘The Observer’) took me right back to ‘Smoking Man’ from ‘The X-Files’. He just lurks around, conveniently, whenever a ‘Pattern’ occurs, he never ages, he can’t get enough of the spicy food, which reminded me of ’Roswell’ he knows everything there is to know about the explosive bullet, and yet he can’t touch it and, oh yeah, he can apparently bring people back from the dead!

So now I’m hooked! I return to the pilot and start watching all of the episodes again, and what do you know, there he is, lurking around in the background of every episode. But the real gem is hidden in the opening credits…in one single frame…the words ‘OBSERVERS ARE HERE’, and so, a blog is born.


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