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Oct 4, Posted in Fringe - 203 Fracture by Scully

Olivia’s Flashback – 203

Here are some screen caps of Olivia’s flashback.  Most of them are direct shots from the finale last year “There’s More Than One Of Everything”.  Some of the shots were upside-down or mirror images, which we have seen Fringe use before (Inner Child for one).  But the last two shots are different.  The last shot, I believe is a close-up of WIlliam Bell’s face, but I’m not sure.  The second last shot is of William Bell using his oxygen mask, which we did not see last year.  Either it was from part of a scene that was cut or it’s from a scene that we have yet to see.

Click below to view the rest of the screen caps.

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May 14, Posted in Fringe - 120 There's More Than One Of Everything > Theories & Speculation by Scully

Olivia’s Near Miss

I would like to talk a bit about Olivia’s almost car crash.  At first I just thought they inserted it to show us that Olivia was distracted and not concentrating on what she was doing, but the more I thought about it, the more I was sure that there was more to it than that.  So, I watched it frame by frame, over and over again, then I noticed something.


The first screencap is taken just a split second before Olivia swerves to avoid the silver car…notice the man in the gray blazer standing on the sidewalk…

Image #1


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Oct 30, 2022 Posted in Easter Eggs > Fringe - 105 Power Hungry by Scully

Olivia’s new office

Olivia has a new office #. I assume she moved from the FBI building to the Homeland Security one. If not, maybe I should file this post under ‘Fringe Fumbles’…

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Oct 24, 2022 Posted in Easter Eggs > Fringe - 101 Pilot by Scully

Olivia’s office door #: 2168

Olivia's office door


I love finding meaning in numbers, and this one is no different.


The official application form for discharge from the Armed Forces of the United States is ‘DD Form 2168′. Olivia was Marine Corp…anyone know why she’s not anymore? Was it requested? Don’t know if it’s relevant, but I thought I would stick it in.


DD Form 2168

Oct 24, 2022 Posted in Character Bios > Main Characters by Scully

Special Agent Olivia Dunham – played by Anna Trov

Agent Olivia Dunham

Full Name: Olivia_________Dunham
Address: 1124 Strathmore Blvd, Brighton, MA 02135
Nickname: ‘Liv’
Date of Birth: 1978 or 1979
Place of Birth: Fayetteville, NC
Marital Status: Recently single
Drink of Choice: Johnnie Walker Black
FBI Office #: 2168 / 3233
Education: UNC Chapel Hill
B.S. in Psychology and Criminology

Languages: English, German
US Marine Special Investigator
FBI – Inter-agency Liaison
Homeland Security
Background: When she was three years old, Olivia was living in Jacksonville, Florida because her father was stationed at the local military base. She was part of a experiment on children, of a drug called Cortexiphan, previously thought to have been tried only in Ohio.  As a result of these experiments, Olivia seems to have some special powers now.  Although, the extent of her powers has not been revealed yet.
As a child, Olivia suffered because her stepfather. When he was drunk he would accuse her mother of seeing other men and beat her. Olivia’s mother never reported the assaults to the police. When Olivia was nine, her stepfather broke her mother’s nose and left the house, driving away. Olivia heard her stepfather’s car returning; she picked up his handgun and shot him twice when he entered the house. She regrets not having killed him. He recovered from his wounds and one day, without warning, departed for an unknown destination. Every year she receives a hand-delivered card on her birthday from him.  Olivia told Peter that she first knew what she wanted to do in life since she was nine. Prosecuted Broyles’ best friend, who had a few drinks and assaulted three marine privates.
While serving as a US Marine Corps special investigator, Olivia helped prosecute the best friend (Sanford Harris) of her current supervisor, Phillip Broyles. Charges involved the assault of three Marine Corps privates.