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What does this pattern mean?

There is something very weird going on in the hospital room where Walter tries to talk to Dashel. A pattern in the way things are laid out. Here is the pattern template …

The template

Now look at the drawings on the wall…

The drawings

and the crayons on the table…

The crayons

the cards stuck up on the wall…

The cards

and finally, the dominoes on the table…

The dominoes

I thought maybe this pattern was Braille, but that can’t be right because braille only goes 3 dots high, and the first group is 4 dots high. Then I thought maybe it is Morse code. The pattern varies slightly from image to image so it could be

4 dots - ‘H’ then dot,dash,dash - ‘W’ giving us ‘H.W.’

4 dots - ‘H’ then dash,dash,dot - ‘G’ giving us ‘H.G.’

This is the only explanation I can find…anyone have any other ideas??

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Loeb - Massive Dynamic or ZFT

Last week there was no sign of Massive Dynamic anywhere, but we were introduced to some new bad guy group by the name of ZFT. As it turns out, another double agent, Loeb, appears to be working either for them or against them. At first I thought he must be working for them, but David Jones worked with them, and his comments contradict the idea that Loeb worked with them as well.

Jones: “The people I work with are loyal to the end. Can you say the same?


Jones: “You make two assumptions, Miss Dunham, both incorrect. The first is that there is nothing more valuable than my freedom. The second, is that I am responsible for the infection of Agent Loeb.


David Jones

The first quote I assumed to be a reference to Agent Loeb, but it is possible it is a reference to John Scott. Even if that was true, why then did Agent Loeb have to go to so much trouble to get the password ‘Little Hill’? If they worked for the same company, wouldn’t he have access to that information freely? And if he didn’t have access, and is going rogue on ZFT, then Jones’ statement about his people being loyal is not quite so true. So, if Loeb doesn’t work for ZFT then who does he work for? If he works for Massive Dynamic, I would have expected there to be some clue to that…a hidden logo or something. Maybe I just missed it.


In context…the second quote made me wonder…is the assumption that Jones is the one that works for ZFT the faulty one. Perhaps Loeb does work for ZFT, and Jones does not. That would certainly make Jones’ comments ring more true.


This week, we see the return of Agent Loeb, and he is up to no good again. We also don’t see any references to Massive Dynamic. This time Agent Loeb is stealing an equation and using it to build a cloning machine. This answers the question as to whether or not he works for Massive Dynamic…we know they already have their cloning machines, and they are cloning more than just apples.

Cloning - Massive Dynamic style


Agent Loeb has to be working for somebody. We know this because after he shoots Joanne Ostler he speed-dials someone and states “It works.” So if he doesn’t work for Massive Dynamic and he doesn’t work for ZFT, then who the blazes is he working for?  Then again, if it is not a cloning machine that Loeb is working on, but rather a matter displacement device, then that changes the order of the cards yet again.


At any rate, I really feel sorry for M.D. because it looks like they have some serious competition coming at them from more than one angle.

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The Observer and the butterfly

Once again ‘The Observer’ seems to be in Olivia’s vicinity, only this time he actually seems to be looking in the direction of the red castle where the kidnapped boy was being held…

On the sidewalk

I also noticed a butterfly on the side of the box…I believe that this is our prelude for next week’s episode.


SPOILER ALERT: highlight to read

The team investigates the suicide of a Massive Dynamic employee, who jumped out a window to escape attacking butterflies.

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The Apple

Near the end of the episode we watch as Agent Loeb places an apple into a mysterious contraption…

The forbidden fruit

and then he pulls what looks like the same apple out of the other side. I don’t think this was the same apple. I think ‘they‘ used the equation to build their own cloning machine. My reasoning? The apple glyph with the twin fetuses for starters…need I say more? Now if I just knew who ‘they‘ were !!

The clone apple


It is also possible that it is not the same apple at all. Maybe the equation was some sort of matter-displacement formula, and he is actually pulling the same apple out the other side of the safe…through the safe wall.


SPOILER ALERT: highlight to read

This would be a prelude to Episode 10…“While investigating a series of bank robberies, the team is shocked to find one of the suspects trapped inside a vault wall, as if it has solidified around him.” If this is the case, then perhaps the apple is just a reference to ‘the forbidden fruit’…the desire for forbidden knowledge.

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Walter - the clone side

In the pilot episode, Olivia gets into a tank and merges her mind with John Scott’s in order to get information from him when he was dying and unable to speak. In later episodes, she starts to see John Scott live and in person, even though he is now dead (or so they think). Walter explains that when they made that connection, a part of John was left behind in Olivia, and she is now accessing that information.

In the tank


So here is my question…’What the fringe‘ is this about ??????????



So either Walter is just crazy as a loon, or something more ominous is going on here. Is it possible that Walter was cloned, merged together psychically with his clone and now he is seeing the real image of himself the same way Olivia sees John?


Furthermore, if a clone was made of Walter…maybe he is the mysterious person who keeps solving the problems Walter never solved, and finishing the experiments that Walter never finished. Who would be better suited to perfect Walter’s work than Walter himself? After all, if there is a clone, he has had 17 years to work out all of the kinks. Is it possible that the real Walter or the clone is off somewhere with William Bell, working on Massive Dynamic projects as we speak?


There was something that I noticed, but didn’t give it much thought until now. In the last episode there was one point when there was a strange reflection in Walter’s right eye…

strange reflection


At the time I thought it was strange that it was only reflecting in one eye…but I dismissed it as a lighting problem. Now I wonder if it was put there as another insight into the possibility that something is very strange about our Dr. Walter Bishop.

Is it possible that the glimmer is a sign of when he is making a psychic connection to himself, or his clone, or whomever the case may be? I guess we will have to wait and see if there is anything to my theory.

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Green and Red dot mystery semi-solved

Remember the red and green dots that were popping up all over the place…

binoculars-104, kayak-101, hat-104

Well it turns out they are a series of lights, that when flashed at a certain frequency and wavelength will put someone in a hypnotic state, making them susceptible to suggestion and causing them to lose time or black out. Walter worked on this very thing for an advertising company but was not successful. Obviously someone has perfected it and is using it for evil. Here they are under the hood of Joanne’s car…

Under the hood


I have no problem with the dots on Rogue’s hat…he was a bad guy, but what about the dots in the viewer of The Observer’s binoculars? I was under the impression he was kind of a good guy…or at least neutral. And what about the kayak that belonged to Olivia’s uncle? Was he a bad guy, or perhaps he is another observer. I look forward to learning what “ZENO” means, maybe that would answer some questions. Here they are again in the dungeon where Ben was being held…

In the dungeon

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Walter’s lab notes - 108

"The Equation" lab notes


Project 577 - Exploration 5

A picture of the equation on the wall, a composite sketch of Joanne, a music sheet, Christmas lights and Walter’s thoughts on the case.

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Walter - the human side

Walter at St. Claire's

I gained some new found respect for Walter this week when he showed a gentler, more fragile, self-sacrificing side of himself. When Peter was talking to Olivia about Walter going back to St. Claire’s hospital…

Peter: “Even if he speaks to Dashel, what makes you think that he’s going to remember a word he says. The man can’t even remember what he had for lunch.

Walter: “I have noticed that you have a habit of referring to me as if I’m not in the room. Does anyone care what I think?

Peter: “Yes, Walter, what do you want to do?

Walter: “I’d rather not go.

Olivia: “Walter?

Peter: “Olivia…he said no.”

Walter: “That is incorrect. I said I’d rather not go, but I will. Every moment that passes, is another moment that little boy’s life is in danger. Isn’t that correct, Agent Dunham?


In the next scene, you can tell he is scared out of his wits to be going to the hospital…but he goes anyways…for the sake of the boy. I enjoyed seeing this side of Walter, it makes him more human.

Then again later in the episode when Peter comes to get him out of the hospital…

Walter: “I failed. It was all for nothing. Dashel went on and on like an incoherent loon about being taken to dungeons, red castles. Son…is that what it’s like to talk to me?


That self-awareness made me just want to reach into the tv and give him a big hug.