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The Observer: 104 - “The Arrival”


'The Observer'‘The Observer’

The Observer

The Observer - played by Michael Cerveris


Although this episode is the first episode we actually meet The Observer face-to-face, it is not the first time he has made an appearance. If you watch carefully, you will see him lurking around in the background of some of the other episodes.


The question to whether he is an alien, a time traveler or an experiment gone wrong, is yet to be revealed. What we do know is that he has met Walter before, many years earlier, when he saved both Walter and Peter’s life. He likes spicy food, and has the funkiest pair of binoculars that I’ve ever seen. He dresses meticulously and never smiles. He can read minds and is impervious to cold weather. All in all, a very intriguing and mysterious guy.

I look

I look forward to seeing and learning more about this mysterious bald man.


Status: Alive, god only knows where…or when!