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Walter’s lab notes - 102

"The Same Old Story" lab notes


Project 397 - Exploration 23

Diagram of an eyeball, an image of the aged baby, and Walter’s thoughts on rapid growth.  There is also a grilled cheese sandwich and a dill pickle spear.

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Clone symbolism

Remember the end of ‘episode 2′ when Walter fall asleep and dreams of three men in a room, that appear to be clones…


if you watch closely after this image disappears, an apple will flash on the screen. Inside the apple is what appears to be two fetuses. Maybe they are possibly clones as well.


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First appearance of The Observer - 102

In the hospital scene (approximately 9min 20sec in), you can see the observer just standing there, watching Olivia, Peter, and Broyles as they walk by.

In the hospital

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Last images fumble - 102

When they hook up that cool machine to take pictures of the victim’s eyeball…it is supposedly to capture the last images she saw before she died. What they see is a bridge.


This poor woman was awake while the bad guy prepped the needle, injected her IV, put on his goggles and cut her open. Don’t you think that some insane man coming at you with a scalpel would be the image that is burned into your brain when you die? Not some stupid bridge you saw through a dirty window, God knows how long ago!

last image

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Nina’s ring fumble - 102

When Broyles is introducing his new team to a room of people, you can clearly see Nina’s big red ring on her left hand…

Left hand

…10 seconds later it is on her right hand.

Right hand

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M.D. logo in Episode 2

On both containers

At the end of the episode, Walter falls asleep, and this is what he dreams of. You can see the Massive Dynamic logo on both of the containers.

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Christopher Penrose: 102 - “The Same Old Story”

Derek Cecil


Christopher Penrose - played by Derek Cecil


The result of a horrible rapid aging experiment gone wrong, Christopher is a classic monster-of-the-week. His creepy demeanor lets you know he is up to no good from the moment you meet him.


In the struggle for self-preservation, he has brutally murdered several people and removed their pituitary glands in order to keep himself from aging.


Status: Died of old age in a matter of minutes.

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102 - “The Same Old Story”

Original Airdate: September 16, 2022

Original Airdate: September 16, 2022

Massive Dynamic


Synopsis: The team investigates a case of extreme aging, when a woman who claims to not be pregnant, gives birth to a baby who dies of old age in 4 hours. Dr. Walter Bishop claims… Read the rest of this entry »