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Walter’s lab notes - 104

"The Arrival" lab notes


Project 643 - Exploration 3

Some images and diagram of the beacon, a broken coffee mug with ‘H.A.’ on it and some ramblings of Walter about the Observer and Peter.

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The tombstones

During the cemetery scene, they zoom in on a few tombstones. I found three of them particularly interesting. The first one seems to be a family of Russian descent. Last name ‘M’. If you look closely, you will notice that there are five letters missing. In order, they are M,O,Y,M, and Y…’moymy’ in Russian is ‘blunder’…what the fringe!


The second one reads…

“Casey Peretti”


There was a character named Casey Peretti, played by Bill Shanks, on ‘As the World Turns’ many years ago. He was born September 7, 1961 and died of encephalitis June 13, 1990. Could just be a coincidence. I heard a rumor that Casey Peretti was also a stunt man who worked on an episode of ‘Alias’ with J.J. Abrams…but I have been unable to confirm that.

Casey Peretti

The last one reads…

“Robert Bishop”

“August 21, 1912 - December 11, 1944 “


My question is ‘who the fringe‘ is Robert Bishop? He can’t be Walter’s father since he died in 1944, and Walter wasn’t born until 1946. He is somebody important, because, the bad guy thought it was a shame that Peter never got to meet him. Is it possible that it is not a grave at all, but merely another of Walter’s hiding places?

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To explode or not to explode? - 104

When Olivia is talking to Henry Jacobson about the metal cylinder found at Quantico in 1987, he remembers it quite vividly.

“48 hours after we found it, there was an explosion unlike anything I’ve ever seen.”


At the end, when the cylinder went back into the ground, I was expecting a spectacular display of pyrotechnics. What I got seemed more like the effects of a good witch’s brew than a powerful metal container from God knows where.


And while we are on the subject of the cylinder…didn’t Jacobson say 48 hours after it came up, it went back down? He did. Well, we know that the object came up a 3:15pm (the observer looks at his watch), and it went back down at some time in the evening (it was dark). So it wasn’t 48 hours.

At first I thought maybe it had to make an unscheduled departure to escape the bad guy. This can’t be true, because when it went back down into the ground, the observer made a call and said…

Departure on schedule.”


So my next thought was that perhaps the one in 1987 couldn’t leave on time for some reason. But that doesn’t seem likely…it went right through the floor. It was ready to go, and it went!! So I guess either the trips of this mysterious metal suppository vary, or we found a little ‘Fringe’ fumble.

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Prelude to 105 hidden in 104

I’ve been keeping my eyes open for another hidden ’sneak peek’ and I think I found one. At the beginning of the episode they show the outside of the restaurant where ‘the observer’ is eating. Note the poster on the pole…


Unlock your hidden potential.’ Seem familiar? It should. Take a look at the newspaper ad that is hanging up in Joseph’s locker in the following episode…

Newspaper ad

The only thing I can say is ‘this show rocks‘!

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Green and Red dots

Do you remember the kayak from Olivia’s dream sequence that had the ‘Alpha’ symbol on it? Well there were also these three green dots and one red dot.

On the kayak

I never thought anything about it until now…check out the viewpoint through the observer’s binoculars.

Through the binoculars

An then again on the bad guy’s hat…

On the hat

What the fringe do they mean?

What the fringe

Is it a logo for some, as of yet, unknown company. If that’s the case why does one gut seem bad, and the other seem good? Maybe it’s some kind of alien insignia…two guys from the same place, but fighting for different sides…like ‘Terminator’. Either way, I will be keeping my eyes open for more of the mysterious dots.

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The Observer: 104 - “The Arrival”


‘The Observer’

The Observer

The Observer - played by Michael Cerveris


Although this episode is the first episode we actually meet The Observer face-to-face, it is not the first time he has made an appearance. If you watch carefully, you will see him lurking around in the background of some of the other episodes.


The question to whether he is an alien, a time traveler or an experiment gone wrong, is yet to be revealed. What we do know is that he has met Walter before, many years earlier, when he saved both Walter and Peter’s life. He likes spicy food, and has the funkiest pair of binoculars that I’ve ever seen. He dresses meticulously and never smiles. He can read minds and is impervious to cold weather. All in all, a very intriguing and mysterious guy.

I look

I look forward to seeing and learning more about this mysterious bald man.


Status: Alive, god only knows where…or when!

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M.D. Logo on the crane

On the crane

You can see the Massive Dynamic logo in two different spots.

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104 - “The Arrival”

Original Airdate: September 30, 2022

Original Airdate: September 30, 2022

"The Arrival"


Synopsis: A deadly explosion at a construction site in New York City reveals a strange bullet shaped… Read the rest of this entry »