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David Esterbrook: 106 - “The Cure”

David Esterbrook


David Esterbrook - played by Chris Eigeman


David Esterbrook is the head of INtREPUS Inc.’s Pharmaceutical division.  He graduated from Yale with 3 degrees, including a PhD. in medicinal neurobiology.  His probable connections to prenatal gene therapy, human–animal hybridization studies, and viral warfare make him one evil dude.


Status: Alive and well.

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Joseph Meeger: 105 - “Power Hungry”

Joseph Meeger


Joseph Meeger - played by Ebon Moss-Bachrach


This is a case of a not-so-regular-’Joe’. Josesph Meeger, like any other average citizen, is just trying to live his ‘Meeger‘ life and perhaps get the girl. But what’s not normal about this guy is…every time he gets upset, electronics go crazy and people die!


The only upside for this dude is being able to maim your over-bearing, annoying boss without having to do time in Leavenworth.


Status: Alive, but being held for testing

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The Observer: 104 - “The Arrival”


‘The Observer’

The Observer

The Observer (September) - played by Michael Cerveris


Although this episode is the first episode we actually meet The Observer face-to-face, it is not the first time he has made an appearance. If you watch carefully, you will see him lurking around in the background of all of the other episodes.


The question to whether he is an alien, a time traveler, an experiment gone wrong or an inter-dimentional traveler, is yet to be revealed. What we do know is that he has met Walter before, many years earlier, when he saved both Walter and Peter’s life. He eats spicy food, because his taste buds are weak and he is impervious to cold weather. He dresses meticulously and never smiles. He can read minds and communicate telepathically.  It’s possible that he doesn’t age or grow hair - and he has the funkiest pair of binoculars and gun that I’ve ever seen.  All in all, a very intriguing and mysterious guy.

I look

I look forward to seeing and learning more about this mysterious bald man.


Status: Alive, god only knows where…or when!

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Roy McComb: 103 - “The Ghost Network”



Roy McComb - played by Zak Orth


Yet another example of an experiment gone wrong, Roy believes that he is possessed by the devil, but in fact, he is receiving inter-cranial phone transmissions. That would drive any man insane!


Classic case of a good man tortured by scientists who believe their experiments are for the good of mankind…and maybe the military.


Status: Alive and no longer believes Satan is talking to him.

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Christopher Penrose: 102 - “Same Old Story”

Derek Cecil


Christopher Penrose - played by Derek Cecil


The result of a horrible rapid aging experiment gone wrong, Christopher is a classic monster-of-the-week. His creepy demeanor lets you know he is up to no good from the moment you meet him.


In the struggle for self-preservation, he has brutally murdered several people and removed their pituitary glands in order to keep himself from aging.


Status: Died of old age in a matter of minutes.

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The Steig Twins: 101 - “Pilot”

Dr. Richard Steig

Steig Twins

Morgan & Richard Steig - played by Jason Butler Harner


The evil twin scenario. I suppose every show has to have an episode with…what the fringe…it’s just a twin!


Richard uses his brother Morgan as a lab rat, switching his epi-pen with a nasty synthetic compound. Morgan was fired from Massive Dynamic for stealing classified information. Dr. Richard Steig is the one responsible for the demise of John Scott.


Status: Both twins are deceased.