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The Observer and the butterfly

Once again ‘The Observer’ seems to be in Olivia’s vicinity, only this time he actually seems to be looking in the direction of the red castle where the kidnapped boy was being held…

On the sidewalk

I also noticed a butterfly on the side of the box…I believe that this is our prelude for next week’s episode.


SPOILER ALERT: highlight to read

The team investigates the suicide of a Massive Dynamic employee, who jumped out a window to escape attacking butterflies.

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Prelude to 108 in 107

One of the items that Agent Loeb brought back from Germany with him was a copy of ‘A Christmas Carol’. This could be in reference to the red and green lights that has Walter thinking of Christmas lights or to the ‘ghost of Christmas past’ (Walter’s past at St. Claire’s hospital).

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INtREPUS prelude

Remember the coffee mug from the last episode…

On the mug

Turns out, it was a prelude to this weeks episode. INtREPUS is a drug company in competition with Massive Dynamic, and Dr. Patel not only works for them, but is afraid of them. And well he should be…turning somebody into a human microwave, and using them to boil peoples brains, is not exactly what you want in an employer. You can see the poster on Dr. Patel’s wall…

On Patel's wall

The caption reads ‘Treating and curing your family for over 20 years.‘ Yeah, right…and when given the chance, we’ll make your head explode!!

And then we see the entire building…


Well, I guess that’s one mystery solved..of the many.

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Prelude to 105 hidden in 104

I’ve been keeping my eyes open for another hidden ’sneak peek’ and I think I found one. At the beginning of the episode they show the outside of the restaurant where ‘the observer’ is eating. Note the poster on the pole…


Unlock your hidden potential.’ Seem familiar? It should. Take a look at the newspaper ad that is hanging up in Joseph’s locker in the following episode…

Newspaper ad

The only thing I can say is ‘this show rocks‘!

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Prelude to 104 hidden in 103

I spent a lot of time dissecting the subway scene after noticing the ‘magic bullet fumble’ and the first appearance the ‘the observer’, and what I noticed was this bizarre sign on the wall of the subway station.

The subway sign

This doesn’t seem like a normal sign to me! It kind of reminds me of the bullet shaped object that explodes out of the ground in the following episode. Is it possibly a sneak peek into episode 104? If it is, then I think it is genius! I will be going through the other episode very carefully, and will post any other ‘preludes’ that I can find.