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Loeb - Massive Dynamic or ZFT

Last week there was no sign of Massive Dynamic anywhere, but we were introduced to some new bad guy group by the name of ZFT. As it turns out, another double agent, Loeb, appears to be working either for them or against them. At first I thought he must be working for them, but David Jones worked with them, and his comments contradict the idea that Loeb worked with them as well.

Jones: “The people I work with are loyal to the end. Can you say the same?


Jones: “You make two assumptions, Miss Dunham, both incorrect. The first is that there is nothing more valuable than my freedom. The second, is that I am responsible for the infection of Agent Loeb.


David Jones

The first quote I assumed to be a reference to Agent Loeb, but it is possible it is a reference to John Scott. Even if that was true, why then did Agent Loeb have to go to so much trouble to get the password ‘Little Hill’? If they worked for the same company, wouldn’t he have access to that information freely? And if he didn’t have access, and is going rogue on ZFT, then Jones’ statement about his people being loyal is not quite so true. So, if Loeb doesn’t work for ZFT then who does he work for? If he works for Massive Dynamic, I would have expected there to be some clue to that…a hidden logo or something. Maybe I just missed it.


In context…the second quote made me wonder…is the assumption that Jones is the one that works for ZFT the faulty one. Perhaps Loeb does work for ZFT, and Jones does not. That would certainly make Jones’ comments ring more true.


This week, we see the return of Agent Loeb, and he is up to no good again. We also don’t see any references to Massive Dynamic. This time Agent Loeb is stealing an equation and using it to build a cloning machine. This answers the question as to whether or not he works for Massive Dynamic…we know they already have their cloning machines, and they are cloning more than just apples.

Cloning - Massive Dynamic style


Agent Loeb has to be working for somebody. We know this because after he shoots Joanne Ostler he speed-dials someone and states “It works.” So if he doesn’t work for Massive Dynamic and he doesn’t work for ZFT, then who the blazes is he working for?  Then again, if it is not a cloning machine that Loeb is working on, but rather a matter displacement device, then that changes the order of the cards yet again.


At any rate, I really feel sorry for M.D. because it looks like they have some serious competition coming at them from more than one angle.

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3 Responses to “Loeb - Massive Dynamic or ZFT”

  1. fm11

    The machine was definitely not for cloning, he reaches through the back to pull the apple out, no hole is visible at the beginning of the scene.
    Maybe Jones is the rogue going out on his own but acting the innocent sort of like ‘the usual suspects’ Verbal Kint-Kaiser Sosei.
    Zeno as a company or cell doesn’t seem up to par with fringe mystery, I think there is more to it than that

  2. contagion

    John Scott and Loeb working together-interesting, although that doesn’t answer the question of who they work for. Maybe John was compiling information for Jones, after all, he had a butt-load of files and they must have been for someone. I think we will be seeing more of this Loeb character and hopefully his creepy wife.

  3. Bubbles

    I know this is sort of off topic, but doesn’t MD remind you of Microsoft and ZFT of IBM?

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