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Sep 27, Posted in Easter Eggs > Next Episode Clues > Season 2 by Scully

Where are all the Easter Eggs?

One of the reasons that I fell in love with ‘Fringe’ last year was the intentional placement of Easter Eggs throughout the episodes.  Little things that would make no difference in the story-line to someone who is just watching the show for entertainment value, but make the show like a treasure hunt for those who are watching more closely.  There is nothing more satisfying than picking up on something that has been hidden in the background for us to find.


Here are just a few of the Easter Eggs we found last season:


Last year, the episodes were riddled with these little hidden shout-outs and clues, not only to the episode currently playing, but to the upcoming episode and to the overall plot of the show.  The next episode clues were one of my favorite things to look for every week.  Find the clue, find the observer, crack the code, figure out the meaning…etc.  What a trip to take in just one short hour.

After watching the first two episodes of this season over and over again, I am really starting to have some concerns.  Either I am really losing my touch, or they simply aren’t putting the Easter Eggs there anymore. OK, so the Observer and commercial break glyphs are still there, but that’s not enough for me.

Let’s face it folks…they have utterly failed us in the department of viral sites, leaving us with only the show to concentrate on.  We apparently, have already lost Walter’s lab notes, which was a huge source of hidden information and clues, and now it seems that the Next Episode Clues and the rest of the Easter Eggs are almost non-existent as well. I am not talking about the obvious clues to broader things, I am talking about the little things that only you and I would notice.  The things that get us searching on the internet for meaning and relevance.  The things that cause us to bang our heads against the wall.  I love that crap.  I miss that crap.  I NEED that crap.  Without that crap…Fringe is only a couple steps above a long list of sci-fi shows starring creature of the week, killer of the week and an occasional mystery thrown in for good measure.

Don’t get me wrong…I am a devoted fan.  It would take a whole lot to get me to stop watching…but I have to admit that without the extras, my enthusiasm does die just a little bit.  Not to mention that it leaves me very little to blog about, except complaints.


I am trying to stay positive…maybe I am just not seeing them…so now I shout out to all of you…



I should take a minute to note that there has been an X-Files shout-out, one instance of the number ’42′, a daisy, a frog and a few possibles that I will post about later.  So there has been a couple of things, but not the caliber of last season’s Easter Eggs.

May 8, Posted in Next Episode Clues > The Observer > Theories & Speculation > Videos by Scully

Why Walter…Why?

It was a rough episode for poor old Walter.  A rollercoaster of emotions and revelations.  And the cherry on top – so to speak – is his reward at the end of the episode.  He gets scooped away by our bald, spicy-food-lovin’, barely-sayin’-a-word…Observer.


The big question for me, wasn’t so much, where.  He’s going wherever the Observer goes when he’s not here, and that’s a question that’t been beaten to death.  My big question was why?  Why oh why oh why??

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May 6, Posted in Easter Eggs > Fringe - 119 The Road Not Taken > Next Episode Clues by Scully

Clue for 119 hidden in 118

Well, I believe we nailed this one…from last week – “Midnight” the news banner on the bottom of the screen…

New Report from "Midnight"


foreshadowing the mysterious fires in this week’s episode “The Road Not Taken”.

May 2, Posted in Easter Eggs > Fringe - 118 Midnight > Next Episode Clues by Scully

Mean Anything? – 118

Here are my screencaps for this week.  They may be Easter Eggs, the next episode clue, or nothing at all.  You be the judge.  Click any image to view full size.

Image #1

Image #1 – This could be the actual door from wherever they shot this scene, or that cool pattern could be something more.


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Apr 29, Posted in Easter Eggs > Fringe - 117 Bad Dreams > Fringe - 118 Midnight > Next Episode Clues by Scully

Clue for 118 hidden in 117

This is my best guess as to last week’s clue.

Poster in Police Station


There were a couple of other options, but this seems the most likely.  It kind of looks like a man who has had his spine ripped out through his neck.  There would definitely be a lot of blood.  If anyone has any other shots they think might be more likely, let me know.


UPDATE:  Thanks to sigma, I now know that this poster was not the clue, so on to candidate number 2…

Subway sign from "Bad Dreams"

Time and name of the episode "Midnight"


I didn’t choose this one first, because there has never been a clue that points to the title of the next episode before.  But when you take the clock and after hours bar into account, this does seem more likely.

Apr 22, Posted in Easter Eggs > Fringe - 116 Unleashed > Fringe - 117 Bad Dreams > Next Episode Clues by Scully

Clue for 117 hidden in 116

When Olivia goes to the frat house, you can see a decal on the keg that says ‘RED BALLOON LAGER’…



This foreshadowed the big red balloon in Bad Dreams, that was part of Olivia’s vision of victim, Risa Pears, in Grand Central Station.

Apr 15, Posted in Easter Eggs > Fringe - 115 Inner Child > Fringe - 116 Unleashed > Next Episode Clues by Scully

Clue for 116 hidden in 115

The Griffin tattoo of the first victim’s arm and on the monitor in “Inner Child”…

The Griffin


was foreshadowing the transgenic creature that is killing people in “Unleashed”…

The creature

Apr 13, Posted in Easter Eggs > Fringe - 114 Ability > Fringe - 115 Inner Child > Next Episode Clues by Scully

Clue for 115 hidden in 114

I had to watch very closely for this clue…it wasn’t as obvious as some of the others have been.  At the beginning, just before they zoom in on the newspaper stand you can see the yellow symbol at the very top of the screen…

The yellow pine tree


This is foreshadowing the yellow pine tree air freshener hanging in the “Artist’s” car…

Air freshener

Feb 11, Posted in Easter Eggs > Fringe - 113 The Transformation > Fringe - 114 Ability > Next Episode Clues by Scully

Clue for 114 hidden in 113

As Olivia investigates her dreamscape in The Transformation - the hotel sign reflected in the window reads ZFT…



This is foreshadowing the revelation of the meaning and implications of ZFT in Ability.

Feb 4, Posted in Easter Eggs > Fringe - 112 The No-Brainer > Fringe - 113 The Transformation > Next Episode Clues by Scully

Clue to 113 hidden in 112

As Olivia and the Bishops investigate the death of a car salesman in The No-Brainer - a sign advertising leases for $718 is seen behind Walter…

The sign


This is foreshadowing the crash of Flight 718 in the opening scenes of The Transformation.