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Oct 17, Posted in Easter Eggs > Fringe - 205 Dream Logic by Scully

The Challenger Poster in Peter’s Dream

I thought I would do a quick post, just about the poster in Peter’s dream.  I will delve into the actual implications of the dream itself in a different post, but for now, this is what I found…



This is according to the website: Chronology of Human Space Exploration Part 6: 1975 – 1984:

February 3 – 11, 1984 — STS 41-B; Challenger; crewed by Vance D. Brand, Robert L. “Hoot” Gibson, Bruce McCandless II, Robert L. Stewart, and Ronald E. McNair; carried Westar VI, Palapa B-2 and SPAS-2 recoverable satellite; first test of Manned Maneuvering Unit. (USA)

February 8 – October 2, 1984 – Soyuz T-10; crewed by Leonid Kizim, Vladimir Solovyov, and Oleg Atkov; mission to Salyut-7; crew returned in Soyuz T-11 spacecraft.

February 21, 1984 — Progress 19; unmanned resupply mission to Salyut-7. (USSR)


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Oct 15, Posted in Easter Eggs > Fringe - 204 Momentum Deferred by Scully

Easter Eggs – 204 Momentum Deferred – Part 2

Here are the rest of the clues and Easter Eggs discovered in Episode 204 – “Momentum Deferred”


- J.J. Abrams’ and Bad Robot’s favorite frozen beverage, Slusho! made another guest appearance…Slusho has also been seen in the Fringe episode ‘The Road Not Taken’, and in the Fringe Season 2 promotional poster – not to mention in Alias, Cloverfield, Heroes, and Star Trek.


- Elias Cryogenics: Elias is the middle name of Walt Disney (who, according to urban legend, had his body cryogenically frozen).

- The actor, Roger R. Cross, who plays a member of the shape-shifter group call “The first wave”, played a major role in a television series of the same name.  Thanks to Cyberprimate for this tidbit.

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Oct 10, Posted in Easter Eggs > Fringe - 204 Momentum Deferred by Scully

Easter Eggs – 204 Momentum Deferred – Part 1

There are some other Easter Eggs that I will put in a separate post after I have had a chance to watch this episode frame by frame…but I wanted to get these up because the graffiti was just to cool!  It reminds me of the poster they released this summer.

Whhhhhhhere’s Waldo?


It’s also interesting to note that this is the same graffiti seen in Episode 202, and it was also the Next Episode Clue for 203.

Oct 7, Posted in Easter Eggs > Fringe - 203 Fracture by Scully

Easter Eggs – 203 Fracture

Here is what I and others have found for Easter Eggs in Episode 203-Fracture.


- Walter says “I stopped counting at 47” in reference to the needle holes in Officer Gillespie.  JJ loves that number.

- Officer Joan Klump is named after Post Production Supervisor John Klump.

- A Star Wars reference “Can you just cut the Yoda crap and tell me what’s happening to me.”

- A Wizard of Oz reference – Project Tin Man

- This isn’t so much an Easter Egg, but Walter foreshadowed the fringe science of this episode in The Road Not Taken, with his comment – “Matter is just energy waiting to happen. The average adult at rest contains enough potential energy to explode with the force of five very large hydrogen bombs.”

- A huge thanks goes out to David Wu of Fringemunks for this discovery. William Bell says ‘War is Coming’.

- We were correct last week in thinking that the Van Gogh portrait might be the next episode clue. It is well known that he cut off his own ear, and this week we see the severed ear that Walter is holding.


The following may be Easter Eggs, Next Episode Clues or nothing at all…you be the judge.

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Sep 30, Posted in Easter Eggs > Fringe - 202 Night of Desirable Objects by Scully

What I found & What I didn’t find – Easter Eggs 202

With the help of some very observant Fringe fans, I have compiled a list of Easter Eggs for Episode 202 – Night of Desirable Objects.  Once again, I apologize to the fans and all of the writers for claiming that they were not fulfilling my weekly need for puzzles. I think I was just rusty after a long summer with no puzzles to solve.  (Although I still stand by my complaint about the viral sites and Walter’s lab notes).


- A huge thanks goes out to fm11 for this tidbit.  The house used as the Hughes house was also used in two episodes of ‘X-Files – S2E12 ‘Aubrey’ and S4E02 ‘Home’.  Here are the shots of the Hughes house, as well as shots from both X-Files episodes.  Looks like the same house to me…with a face lift, of course.  Is it a shout-out or just a coincidence?  X-Files was also filmed in Vancouver…you be the judge.


- It was suggested to me that the graffiti on the wall behind Charlie might be…

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Sep 28, Posted in Easter Eggs > Fringe - 201 A New Day in the Old Town by Scully

What I found & What I didn’t find – Easter Eggs 201

On the back of my long winded complaint about how there are very little Easter Eggs in the first two Episodes, I should take the time to review the few things I did find, and the things that have been pointed out to me by others.  Thanks to the help of other devoted fans, I have discovered that there are a lot more Easter Eggs in this episode than I thought.  I officially apologize for jumping the gun.

- The first thing I should mention is that the title sequence has changed a little this year.  Last year the list of Fringe Sciences that were written on the screen were as follows: “Psychokinesis, Teleportation, Nanotechnology, Dark Matter, Cybernetics, Suspended Animation, Artificial Intelligence, Precognition, Psychokinesis, and Transmogrification“.  This year, the Fringe Sciences that are written on the screen are as follows: “Astral Projection, Protoscience, Mutation, Hypnosis, Pyrokinesis, Hive Mind, ESP, Neurosciece, Clairaudience, Cryonics, Parallel Universes,  and Genetic Engineering“.

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