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‘Fringe’s’ First Couple Makes Their Debut



Anna Torv and Mark Valley made their first appearance as a married couple last night at the “Star Trek” premiere.


Anna secretly married Mark, who plays her love interest on the show, sometime over the Christmas Holidays.


The pair had been quietly dating for several months—so quietly, in fact,  that many of their fellow cast and crew members weren’t even aware they were together.



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Anna Torv talks about last episodes of Fringe Season 1

Anna Torv

Speaking to reporters today, Anna Torv who plays F.B.I. Agent Olivia Dunham on the new science fiction series FRINGE, revealed some tidbits about what to expect from the new episodes that start airing next Tuesday on FOX.

anna torv

On Olivia’s past, Torv says:
“We slowly start to discover some things that happened to her when she was very little that she doesn’t remember. You start to see the story as everyone’s lives start to interlace a little bit and how their paths have crossed before.”

anna torv

On finding more about the mysterious Observers, she says:
“We’re filming the final episode of the season and getting the a glimpse of what their function is.”

anna torv

On having a two month hiatus and viewers having to get back into the mythology, she adds:
“If you’re dropping in, you’ll be able to get your head around it and where we’re at. Hopefully people tune back in and finish the journey with us.”

anna torv

On Olivia’s supposed “superpowers,” Torv hints:
“We do start to find out what was done to her when she was little. She may have some ability. We do delve into a little about that and whether it’s a super power or if it’s something that has been done to her.”

anna torv

On the writers and producers making sure the story doesn’t get burdened by a complicated mythology:
“I don’t know how much of the storyline is plotted out, but they’re adamant about it not getting convoluted. I think we’re managing really well to straddle that procedural drama. If you miss an episode, you’re not going to be lost.”


Source: iFMagazine

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Special Agent Olivia Dunham - played by Anna Trov

Agent Olivia Dunham

Olivia Dunham
Full Name: Olivia_________Dunham
Nickname: ‘Liv’
Date of Birth: 1978 ?
Place of Birth: Fayetteville, NC
Marital Status: Recently single
Drink of Choice: Johnnie Walker Black
FBI Office #: 2168 / 3233
US Marine Special Investigator
FBI - Inter-agency Liaison
Homeland Security
Background: Prosecuted Broyles’ best friend, who had a few drinks and assaulted three marine privates.
Her Father was a drunk who beat her mom on a regular basis. When Olivia was nine, she shot him twice with his own hand-gun. He recovered from his wounds and took off. Olivia regrets that she didn’t kill him. Every year she receives a hand-delivered card on her birthday from him.