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Season 2 – Episode Updates

Here are all of the most recent updates on the upcoming Season 2 of Fringe.

Episode Titles and Synopsis:

Season 2, Episode 1 “ A New Day in the Old Town

The first episode has to do with a shapeshifter who continually molds his face, somehow.


Season 2, Episode 2 “Night of Desirable Objects

One source indicates this episode Involves a series of bizarre disappearances.  Another source claims it is about a mole-man living under a town, pulling people underground and eating them.


Season 2, Episode 3 “Fracture

Unexplained bombs put innocent lives on the line and FBI agents in a race against time.

Season 2, Episode 4 “This is the Night Mail

A psychic, a killer and a new villain.


Season 2, Episode 5 “   “

A brilliant scientist who has dedicated his life to his work is driven by his desire for his work to be his legacy.  He is tragically afflicted with a deep seeded addiction that he has successfully hidden from the world and even himself.  A modern day Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.


Season 2, Episode 6 “Earthling

A man is wanted in Russia for stealing his brother and fleeing to America with him.  Fearing the Russian Government was experimenting on his brother, he brought his brother to the U.S. five years ago.  They have been off the grid ever since.

We will meet Diane, who is Broyles’ ex-wife.


Season 2, Episode 7 “Of Human Action

We will meet McKenna, who is the Director of the FBI and a former colleague of Broyles.


Season 2, Episode 8 “August

Casting Call:  [STRANGER] Caucasian. 30’s-50’s, male, shaved head (or willing to shave). A bit generic looking man who pops up quite a bit- Guest Star.

Is this a casting call for a new Observer?


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Complete the Pattern – Good News, Bad News

Well folks, the good news is that after two very long sleepless nights waiting for something to happen on the ‘Complete the Pattern’ viral site, it turns out the answer was probably there all along.

If you replace the word ‘site’ in the address bar with ‘phase2′ the screen changes to this:


The bad news is – it turns out the whole thing is just a sweepstakes.  Unfortunately, if you are not a resident of the US, this is as far as you can go.  I guess they think that there are no Fringe fans outside of the good ole US of A.  Anywho…I have taken the liberty of entering the sweepstakes and taking images of every screen so that everyone can participate in the fun.

After you enter all of your information, the next screen that comes up is a video screen.  You can view the video at the bottom of the post.


The second screen that comes up is this screen:


When you hit the ‘CLICK TO COMPLETE THE PATTERN’ button, the following screen comes up:


It’s a puzzle.  When you over over one of the boxes along the top, a drop-down with several symbols appears.  The idea is to choose the symbol that matches the name on the box.  I have included images of the five boxes and the choices for you so everyone gets a shot at ‘completing the pattern’.  The solution is shown after the jump.


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Complete the Pattern – Phase 2 has begun! Or has it?

O.K. so it’s ‘0d + 1h + 17m + 49s‘ according to the website and I find myself just full of child-like giggles.  It occurs to me how easily I am amused and I wonder if I am the only person refreshing the screen every two minutes or so.

So, how do I keep myself occupied until then…I start surfing.

- The first thing I find is that nothing is happening with the ‘There is More‘ viral site.  There has been no activity on it since May.  There is nothing new on the Fox Fringe site, no bio for our new character Amy Jessup played by Meghan Markle, no new ‘Deep in the Lab’ videos.  Nothing new on Case 0091.  Massive Dynamic‘s website hasn’t changed a bit.  What Up?  If it wasn’t for the questionable site ‘Fou Trust‘  this summer would have been a complete bust!  I guess it’s no wonder that I am so excited about the new viral site, let’s hope it actually pans out.

- I found a cool video on facebook from last year that I had never seen before with some stunning visuals.  You can check it out here.

- I also discovered that the producers may be offering prizes for the ‘Complete the Pattern’ viral contest.  According to examiner.com, it could be a visit to the Fringe set.  READY, SET, GO people!


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Fringe Season 2 – Updates

Here’s the latest of what I have found on upcoming season 2 of Fringe.


Season 2, Episode 1 “ A Day in the Old Town

Head over to SpoilerTV for the episode’s casting call.

The first episode has to do with a shapeshifter who continually molds his face, somehow…


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News for Fringe – Season 2

- According to Production Weekly’s twitter, filming for season 2 will start June 24th in Vancouver, Canada.


- According to Spoiler TV, there will be a new cast member in Season 2.

Question: Is it true that Fringe will be adding a new cast member next season? –Izebel
Ausiello: Yes, ’tis true. Producers are currently casting a new female agent to replace Kirk Acevedo’s Charlie. The character is described as brash, outspoken, quick-witted, and capable, and possesses a “deep core belief” in the wonders of the universe. Translation: She’s a Mulder.


- J.J. Abrams talks a bit about what to expect in Season 2


May 30, Posted in Season 1 > Videos by Scully

Fringe ‘Scenemaker’ Videos – Season 1

Every week Fox released a “Scenemaker” video.  It takes a look behind the camera and talks with cast and crew.  Here is a roundup of those videos for “Fringe” – Season 1.  I was unable to find a few of them.  If anyone knows a link for the missing ones (that will play in Canada), please let me know.


‘Scenemaker’ 1 – “Pilot”

‘Scenemaker’ 2 – “Same Old Story”

‘Scenemaker’ 3 – “The Ghost Network”

‘Scenemaker’ 4 – “The Arrival”

‘Scenemaker’ 5 – “Power Hungry”

‘Scenemaker’ 6 – “The Cure”

‘Scenemaker’ 7 – “In Which We Meet Mr. Jones” – United States only

‘Scenemaker’ 8 – “The Equation” – United States only

‘Scenemaker’ 9 – “The Dreamscape”

‘Scenemaker’ 10 – “Safe”

‘Scenemaker’ 11 – “Bound”

‘Scenemaker’ 12 – “The No-Brainer”

‘Scenemaker’ 13 – “The Transformation”

‘Scenemaker’ 14 - “Ability”

‘Scenemaker’ 15 – “Inner Child”

‘Scenemaker’ 16 – “Unleashed”

‘Scenemaker’ 17 – “Bad Dreams” – United States only

‘Scenemaker’ 18 – “Midnight”

‘Scenemaker’ 19 – “The Road Not Taken”

‘Scenemaker’ 20 – “There’s More Than One Of Everything”