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Joshua Jackson in Toronto

Joshua Jackson piled on the layers with his extra long scarf and sweater in snowy Toronto Monday for an appearance on late night talk show The Hour. As a Vancouver native, Josh is no stranger to the freezing temperatures up north, but it’s got to be a big change from sunny LA.

Joshua Jackson in Toronto

near to home

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Joshua Jackson on the Return of Fringe

Joshua Jackson

On Tuesday, Fox’s executives deemed Fringe to be “a keeper” at the TCA press tour. A bit later, Joshua Jackson stopped by Fox’s all-star party to chat about your favorite sci fi show’s return after American Idol on Jan. 20. He didn’t spill too many secrets, but he did hint at what’s coming up in the second half of the season. Here are highlights:

the highlights

On coming back for a new batch of episodes: “The idea around our set is that round two for us is really kind of like season two. The end of the 10th episode is really kind of a big cliffhanger: Olivia is left in jeopardy. So we come back just like you would at the beginning of season two, you resolve the cliffhanger, and all of the untied lines from those 10 episodes are tied up pretty quickly in the first few episodes back. And then we use that to launch us into the second set of stories. Also, we’re coming on after American Idol, which is a much larger audience, so it gives us an opportunity to kind of reintroduce the characters. Once the John Scott character is out of Olivia’s head, it opens her up to a wide variety of possibilities cause she’s literally been carrying this man with her since the beginning of the show.”

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Peter Bishop - played by Joshua Jackson

Peter Bishop

Peter Bishop
Full Name: Peter_________Bishop
Date of Birth: 1978
Place of Birth: Cambridge, MA
Marital Status: Eligible bachelor
IQ: 190
Education: MIT drop-out
Wild land fireman
Cargo pilot
Biochemical Engineer
FBI Consultant
Background: Criminal activities, including, falsifying an MIT degree to become a College Chemistry Professor and publish some papers. He is also bi-lingual. He owes money to a guy named Big Eddy.