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Cortexifan website

I thought I would do a bit of research on the drug that was possibly administered to Olivia when she was a child.  This is what I found…click the image to visit the website.

Cortexifan Website


I assume this is part of the “Fringe” viral campaign.  The first part is the test subject and number, the second part, I believe, to be initials of the person. the third part is the year they were tested and the last part is a ‘P’ for positive or a ‘N’ for negative.


Here is the interesting thing…


Test Subject 1 PB 80 P - Could this be Peter Bishop?

Test Subject 24 RL 81 P

Test Subject 32 MM 81 P

Test Subject 42 OD 83 P*- Could this be Olivia Dunham?


If I have interpreted this correctly, then what I want to know is…who is ‘RL’ and ‘MM’?  And what does the asterisks beside Olivia’s ‘P’ mean?  Anyone have any ideas?