Oct 24, 2022 Posted in Fringe - 102 Same Old Storysingle Fringe - Fumbles by Scully

Last images fumble - 102

When they hook up that cool machine to take pictures of the victim’s eyeball…it is supposedly to capture the last images she saw before she died. What they see is a bridge…


This poor woman was awake while the bad guy prepped the needle, injected her IV, put on his goggles and cut her open. Don’t you think that some insane man coming at you with a scalpel would be the image that is burned into your brain when you die? Not some stupid bridge you saw through a dirty window, God knows how long ago!

last image

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7 Responses to “Last images fumble - 102”

  1. contagion

    Also:Stoughton, Massachusetts has no direct access to any body of water, so I don’t see that there would be a bridge at all. Maybe over railway tracks, or another highway???

  2. AndyB

    The victim was looking out of the window at the bridge when she is injected - thus the bridge is her last clear memory.

  3. Scully

    I am pretty sure her last clear memory would be the scalpel heading for your mouth while your still awake. She was looking right at him and trying to scream.

  4. Mike

    But the injection of the neuro inhibiter was what was supposed to have frozen the image in the nerve.

    So it was the last thing she saw before the injection that was frozen.

    I thought this was a mistake at first, too. But it makes sense now.

  5. Scully

    Makes sense…have you caught any fumbles that I missed?

  6. Jo

    I figured how the bridge could be the last image. If the window was behind his head and he was approaching with a scalpel. You’d see him and then look away. She couldn’t turn her head so she would be looking at the only thing she could focus on while he was…erm slicing which would be the image. not that she would be looking at it but that that was the light coming into the eye. Also it makes sense to face her to the only source of light in the room.

  7. Mike

    Three observations:

    1) After re-watching the show, the last thing she looked at before being injected was Christopher

    2) The dialog in the scenes describes it at least three different ways, paraphrasing: “The last thing she saw before she died”, “One of the last things she saw”, and “What she saw when injected.”

    3) After looking at Walter’s Lab Notes, you can see there that each flash of the electronic pulse camera was supposed to capture slices of time through the optic nerve (like looking at frames in a film.

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