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What does this pattern mean?

There is something very weird going on in the hospital room where Walter tries to talk to Dashel. A pattern in the way things are laid out. Here is the pattern template …

The template

Now look at the drawings on the wall…

The drawings

and the crayons on the table…

The crayons

the cards stuck up on the wall…

The cards

and finally, the dominoes on the table…

The dominoes

I thought maybe this pattern was Braille, but that can’t be right because braille only goes 3 dots high, and the first group is 4 dots high. Then I thought maybe it is Morse code. The pattern varies slightly from image to image so it could be

4 dots - ‘H’ then dot,dash,dash - ‘W’ giving us ‘H.W.’

4 dots - ‘H’ then dash,dash,dot - ‘G’ giving us ‘H.G.’

This is the only explanation I can find…anyone have any other ideas??

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13 Responses to “What does this pattern mean?”

  1. Fringeling

    I saw this pattern as well. It doesn’t actually repeat exactly, but has a variation everytime it shows up in the room. Here is a link to a layout of what the various patterns are:

    I think the “HR” on the outside wall when Walter is leaving with Peter might be a clue to this pattern, but it doesn’t quite fit with the morse code.

    Post it if you like, I gotta figure out what the heck it is! I think it might be abacus related, but there are various types of abacusssss. I also wonder if it is calculus related (since Walter mentions it in his lab notes). Or perhaps some sort of ancient musical notation? It made me wonder if the Observers writing in The Arrival was musical notation of some kind …

  2. fm11

    i also noticed in the lab notes section that the broken coffee mug has the letters H.A. what’s with all the h’s?

  3. Scully

    Fringeling…great pic. Someone took a lot of time to lay that all out. It actually does differ even more I originally thought…will have to do some more research

  4. livnlrge

    holy crap, i didn’t even catch this. ggod eye. i need to pay better attention ’cause obviously nothing is there just to be there

  5. Fringeling

    Wow fm11 — the coffe mug is great! Did anyone re-read Walter’s lab notes from The Arrival recently? They allude to almost everything that happened in The Equation, esp when you put the two lab notes together. How did Walter know the future? I’m wondering if Phi Chi Psi Omega has something to do with this pattern we found?

  6. fm11

    I had thought lab notes from 104 to possibly be insight into something we’ve not seen yet, time travel.

    “phi,chi,psi,omega that’s how it starts. an equation that will take me back, back to where I once belonged.”

    I also wonder who is the Fischer King. Not the observer as he refers to him as a friend.

  7. contagion

    both your morse code answers start with …. what about if you started with —-, would that make more sense?

  8. Scully

    contagion - there is no direct letter or number for —- so if it is Morse code (and it’s just a theory) it would have to start with ….

  9. goldenrat

    Could be symbolizing the music that the little boy was playing, there is four lines on a music sheet.

  10. ICEMAN

    about the Phi, Chi, Psi, Omega. Some of those greek letters can be seen in the Fringe “glyphs” at the commercial break (as well as delta in the frogs back)

    first forum/topic is the pics of the glyphs

  11. Dave

    From the original thought of Morse code. If it does indeed spell out the letters H G and W. It could be a possible nod to H.G Wells, whose novels include “The Time Machine” “The Invisible Man” and “The Island of Dr. Moreau”

  12. Mike

    I think this is just letting us know that Dr. Sumner is part of the pattern group.

  13. Scully

    Regarding the Phi, Chi, Psi and Omega. Those are the last four letters of the Greek alphabet, yet Walter writes, “that’s how it starts.” Maybe implying you must begin at the end. But the end of what?

    The Fisher King was in charge of protecting the Holy Grail, so it might make sense that The Observer is the Fisher King, as he is protecting the beacon.

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