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Walter’s lab notes - 115

"Inner Child" lab notes.


Project 773 - Exploration 14


The Images:

include the orange vinyl record of Al Green’s ‘Love & Happiness‘, The fax that “The Artist” send to the FBI.

fax sent to the FBI

There are also some yellow M&M’s, a book containing information about Marie-Angelique Memmie LeBlanc, and a strange grainy photo, similar to the one seen in the lab notes for Ability.


The Note:

The notes appear to have been typed using the same typewriter from Ability with the elevated ‘Y’.
The note paper has been crumbled, opened and smoothed for presentation.
Walter refers to Lethe. In Greek mythology, Lethe is a river in Hades. Those who drink from it experience complete forgetfulness.
Marie-Angélique Memmie Le Blanc featured in the book in the notes, was a genuine feral child.


Source: Fringepedia

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  1. Di

    About the blurry picture..i noticed it has a red line inside it, which doesn’t exactly match the one on the previous lab note that displayed a similar picture..i’m thinking maybe cutting them out of the original layout and placing the different blurry pictures together might reveal a pattern..but there are still missing pieces. the pattern on the edges is different so it could be puzzle like.

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