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Fringe Episode 13 promo photos

Here are some promotional photos for Episode 13 “The Transformation”



Courtesy of Fringe Television

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7 Responses to “Fringe Episode 13 promo photos”

  1. Joey

    I think I spotted The Observer in the beginning on the plane.


  2. double_g

    There’s speculation that could have been him and that the ‘mysterious item’ falling from the plane was him as well. However, if you watched it in HD, he can be seen on the left side of the soccer field digitally edited in (apparently this is the second episode he’s been added to due to scheduling conflicts).

    On a side note, where are you Scully… it’s been two weeks since your last post…

  3. Joey

    Thanks! I think it was him!
    When does something fall from the plane?

  4. double_g

    Right when the plane is over the trees and just before it crashes, something appears to fall from the right side of the plane.

  5. Joey

    Thanks, I’ll keep a look out for it next time.

  6. Joey

    Screen shot - http://s338.photobucket.com/albums/n437/Joey132465/?action=view¤t=obsever133-2.jpg

  7. E

    See the entire sequence in stills here:

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