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Case 0091 - Evidence 0003

The third page of the Imagine the Impossibilities website has this image…as well as a new date stamp (4/8/08 10:41AM).  Here is the image you will see…


Everything is familiar.  The four coordinates given in Case 0091 - Evidence 0001 create the Golden Rectangle.  I have overlapped the Fibonacci spiral onto the map…click image to view full size.

Map Fibonacci Overlay


Blue is the direct lines between the coordinates, and red is the Golden Rectangle and Fibonacci spiral.  In the video from Case 0091 - Evidence 0002, the man says:

“Reports indicate 10 more sheep patterns were spotted throughout the area.”


On my map, the spiral runs right through, or darned near ten other towns;




Forest City


New Hampton

Sumner - also the name of the head of St. Claire’s Hospital (although spelled differently)





At almost the exact center of the spiral is a town called Grundy Center.  A small town of only 2596 people.  I will be curious to see if any of these names come in in pattern related events on the show.

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3 Responses to “Case 0091 - Evidence 0003”

  1. Thormoor

    Possible answers to the Equation:

    a + b / a = 1.6759217107545

    a / b = 1.47946128092815

    This has been a bane to me can anyone shed light on why my answers dont match? I hate equations.


  2. Di


    that equation is the algebraic representation of the golden section itself..the result is the number widely recognized as the golden ratio..which means that thinking that the shape included is the golden triangle and that indeed the spiral is meant to mark the cities ending up ['coincidentally'] on the center with a city called ‘Grundy Center’ [a good proof that maybe the spiral is on the right direction] is not farfetched at all, but actually right on the money.

    the question all this arises is something i’d thought about before regarding the ‘imagine the imposibilities’ site: what’s the use of that in the plot of the show..or not the use, but the connection? because so far we haven’t seen anything regarding hurricanes, sheep, tornadoes, or any of those lovely things..it’s like the website clues of case 0091 are a completely separate plot [or so they'd like us to think]..

  3. Scully

    I agree Di, they haven’t tied any of the viral/ARG clues into the show as of yet. I hope that we will see more of the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci numbers in the show, as well as some of the other aspects of Case 0091. I would love to see if my theory of the towns intersecting the spiral is a correct theory. I would also like to see them add another clue to the Case 0091 website. Here’s hopin’.

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