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“Arrival”-”Equation”-”Power Hungry” lab note connection

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Thanks to Fringeling…this really got me thinking. (a rhyme-Walter style)

Has anyone re-read Walter’s lab notes from “The Arrival” recently? They all but lay out the plot for The Equation, esp when combined with the lab notes from “The Equation”. I think it raises a whole new set of questions about who Walter really is, esp if he appears to know the future…

He also alludes to the WalterEgo I think as the Bearded Man, mentions the pearl in the oyster, returning to get his box of secrets, everything. Hmmm……

I’m also wondering if the Phi Chi Psi Omega Walter mentions has anything to do with the pattern we noticed in the St. Claires communal room?

And then there is the broken mug with H.A. on it (someone noticed it on another forum). Is there a connection to the HR on the outside of St. Claires?

This show is driving me nutz !!


I am adding the lab notes from “Power Hungry” into this connection.


104 - ‘Wrestling with his insides, trying to extract something, like the bearded man when he told me he needed another pearl‘. If my theory about Walter being cloned and still mentally connected to him is right, then that would make the bearded man his alter-ego.

105 - ‘How fitting that the other Walter…‘ another hint that Walter may have been cloned.

108 - ‘My visitor whispered to me, no more pearls in this oyster‘. If that makes the bearded man from Arrival the same as the visitor form Equation, then who the heck is the other person talking? It seems the visitor (Walter’s alter-ego) is the bad guy trying to get information and the third voice is trying to protect it (all be it in a very domineering manner).

108 - ‘He knows my combination, he bumped my head and I went to bed‘. Is he referring to the hospital warden here? Is the warden working for MD or ZFT or some other meanie group? If so, what is the combination…maybe it has something to do with the green-green-green-red lights, although I saw no sign of those dots anywhere in the hospital. It’s obvious that someone is trying to get something from Walter.

105 - ‘So many thoughts left behind in that place, and so many taken. My visitor was a hungry kingfisher, diving and plucking thoughts from the sea of my mind‘. Re-confirms that not only are they trying to get information from Walter now, but they have done so successfully in the past.

104 - ‘I left something behind, in a mattress

108 - ‘It was still there, my box of secrets…within a lumpy mattress‘. This seems to be the ’something’ that the visitor was trying to get from Walter, on this occasion, and since Walter took it with him, I think we will be learning more about this mysterious box soon enough.

108 - Two different theories about the reference to ‘boy’. The first being that the boy is Ben and the second being that he is Peter. I have mixed feelings about Walter’s references to the ‘boy’. In his first comment he says…”Dashiell and the boy with nothing in common-not even working in the same medium-not even knowing what they are trying to find–

It seems obvious to me that he is talking about Ben here. Dashiell’s medium being math and Ben’s being music–neither knowing that they are unwittingly trying to solve the same puzzle. But the second comment confuses me…”I have the boy now, he is the key, on some level he understands, even if he chafes and bristles

Now this to me seems more like he’s talking about Peter. Technically Walter doesn’t have Ben…I’m sure Ben is safe and sound at home with his soon-to-be-crazy Dad. Peter, however is side by side with Walter, and the words ‘chafe’ and ‘bristle’ certainly sound more like descriptions of Peter’s attitude than of Ben’s.


Worth Noting: Dashiell is actually mentioned in the lab notes for “The Cure” which makes me wonder if we’ll ever meet Cassandra who is mentioned in the lab notes for “The Ghost Network


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4 Responses to ““Arrival”-”Equation”-”Power Hungry” lab note connection”

  1. goldenrat

    You have some good ideas, but if Walter was referring to his alter-ego as the bearded man then that would mean he was cloned and linked with him while he had a beard. Which would mean it would have taken place while he was in the hospital. I know clones can shave, but I don’t think hallucinations do. What about the idea of an alternate time-line. They did something like it on SGA. Maybe the blue lights we always see signify some sort of shift, when the two time-lines are overlapping. Possibly being linked makes Walter and Olivia able to glimpse and interact with that time-line. Maybe ‘September’ is actually from that time-line and is here to observe the overlaps.
    Just a theory.

  2. Rasmus

    I don’t know if this is the right topic to leave this comment but from the 9th episode i got an idea. Maybe Walter has been in the tank with his father because when he mentioned the coffe yoghurt Peter said it was he who liked it as a child not Peter. So maybe he has his father’s memories?
    Don’t know if this makes any sense(Discovered this site just today).

  3. geekoid

    I thought Peter was Walters clone?

    Isn’t that Peter on one of the tables when Walter flashes back to growing the soldiers?

  4. goldenrat

    growing soldiers?

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