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The Observer - 111

I am re-posting my Observer find with an update…thank you to Linda and laachi for finding two other possible Observer sightings.


I originally thought this wass the Observer, but I could not find any other screenshot that had his face or figure.  J.J. Abrams is getting very good at hiding him.  If anyone has found a better shot of him, please let me know.

On the sidewalk


Here is a screenshot, as per Linda’s great score…I think she might be on to something.  I’m not sure how he got into the FBI building unnoticed, but he looks directly at Olivia, which is more in keeping with his MO.

In the FBI building

laachi has noticed this shot at Loeb’s house, just before Olivia knocks on the door…

In the window

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11 Responses to “The Observer - 111”

  1. Linda

    I posted this in the Easter Eggs category but probably should have posted it here… I don’t have a way to capture the actual screen shot so maybe others can do it for me. But I’m wondering if I saw the Observer as a silhouette in the window behind Olivia’s head just before she bends down to pick up the eight ball that Mitchell tosses to her as she sits at her computer. This man seems to look into the window toward Olivia and Mitchell. We can’t see his face, but he wears a hat similar to what we’ve seen the Observer wear. What do you think?

  2. Sir Fringealot

    Wow, I did not even notice that! Linda you have a great eye!

  3. laachi


    what about this?

  4. Scully

    Great catches! Thanks for your help. Let me know if you’ve seen anything else in the episodes that I have missed, I could always use some extra sets of eyes.

  5. rasha

    i dont get the second picture.. what is it?

  6. fm11

    It’s a man on the other side of the glass who momentarily looks in Olivia’s direction. He has a hat on, could be him. I don’t think the third one is right. Only 1 or 2.

  7. trustno1

    In the third one I dont see a tie, and he always wears a tie , so I agree with fm11, must be first or second one.

  8. double_g

    IMO it can’t be the first one. Based on the main characters prior knowledge of the Observer, I can’t see how he’d walk right by them and nothing would be said on screen about it. I’d say it’s most likely the second one.

  9. snooki

    Those last two caps seem like it is stretching it a bit. no way you can say for sure if that is the observer. I think people are starting to see what they want to see.

  10. Carlos Lopez

    There is a bold guy on the conference where the first event take place. Is in the top left of the screen when the shot goes by the projector.

  11. E

    That is probably a watcher, not ‘The Observer’.

    He is on the sidewalk walking past Harvard as Olivia drives up in her SUV. Walter and Peter are coming thru the gate to meet her. He walks past and behind them going down the street. See fringewiki.fox.com for screen shots I have posted.

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