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111 - Mean anything?

Here are my screencaps for this week, that may or may not have anything to do with anything.  You be the judge…

The van

The graffiti

The sign

The book

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5 Responses to “111 - Mean anything?”

  1. trustno1

    I think the book is the clue for the next episode. Noise? Vibrations? This is something we’ve seen lots of already, maybe a tie-in to ‘Safe’, they used vibrations too.

  2. Linda

    I don’t have a way to capture the actual screen shot so maybe others can do it for me. But I’m wondering if I saw the Observer as a silhouette in the window behind Olivia’s head just before she bends down to pick up the eight ball that Mitchell tosses to her as she sits at her computer. This man seems to look into the window toward Olivia and Mitchell. We can’t see his face, but he wears a hat similar to what we’ve seen the Observer wear. What do you think?

  3. Sir Fringealot

    I was thinking that the next episode clue might be the 8-ball that Ella gave to Olivia. An eight ball answers questions, and I have a feeling that Ella has some sort of psychic ability that allows her to ‘answer questions’. Just a thought.

  4. double_g

    A quick search for the graffiti (deks) reveals that it’s a popular ‘tag’ so it was probably just in the shot and has no meaning.

    On a side note, I’m really surprised that the Observer wasn’t hiding in one of those windows from ‘the sign’ screencap… seems like the type of place he’d be.

  5. Joey

    I noticed that “What’s that noise?” is the same pop up that appears in ‘The No-Brainer.’

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