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TV Guide reveals hints about The Observer

TV Guide article featuring an interview with Fringe executive producer, Jeff Pinkner, who gives hints about the Observer:

TV guide scan

The article reads:

Who is the Observer

So who the heck is the Observer? Only Fringe’s most mysterious character.  “First off, you have to question the premise that there is only one,” says exec producer Jeff Pinkner of the figure–played by Tony-winning actor Michael Cerveris–who seems linked to the drama’s pattern mythology.

Observer in every episode

Well, whatever he is, or they are, it’s weird.  The Observer has been in every episode; jotting down notes in code, exiting elevators seconds before they crash or simply being creepy. And while we do know he rescued Walter and Peter from a freezing river after their car fell through the ice years ago (”He seems to be fine in extreme situations,” hints Pinkner), the hairless wonder’s interest in Olivia remains murky.  “He’s observing things that might not have great meaning to Olivia or to us as citizens of the planet…yet,” Pinkner says.  “He’s aware of a larger context.”

Learn more in upcoming episodes

Pinkner promises fans “will learn more about [him] in upcoming episodes.”  Until then, he’ll only say the Observer’s “agenda is certainly influenced” by Walter’s experiments, both past and present.  And we’re not dealing with a time traveler.  “He’s of our time.  He just may not be of our place.”

start your theories

Ladies and gentleman, start your theories.


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2 Responses to “TV Guide reveals hints about The Observer”

  1. sam1495

    does this mean the observer is an alien? he’s arriving and leaving via some sort of alien technology that possibly causes the blue flashes. a transporter. maybe walters experiments brought him here because the human race is evolving technologically and they are waiting for the right time to ‘make contact’.

  2. iron_will

    I think he’s traveling through or between dimensions. ‘another place’ might not refer to another planet. There is speculation that this is what the blue lights represent.

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