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The Observer in Germany - 107

Well staying true to ‘Fringe’ form…The Observer snuck himself into a few frames this week. Approximately 15min 50sec in to the episode, at the airport in Germany, you can see him with his back to the camera, then he turns and walks towards the camera…

At the Airport in Germany


My question is…why is he always ‘observing‘ Agent Olivia Dunham? He was watching her on the subway, he was watching her at the Hotel, and now he went all the way to Germany to watch her at the airport. Wouldn’t his time be better spent peeking in through the window at Walter’s lab…I mean, that is where all the cool scientific stuff happens. I suppose he might be psychically linked to Walter, so he always knows what he is doing. Since Peter is always with Walter, and ‘observing‘ the bad guys would give away the plot line, that only leaves Olivia. Lucky her.

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