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Looking back at 111 – “Bound”


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What did we miss?

- I had mentioned in “Looking Back at 104 – The Arrival” that Olivia’s apartment had changed at some point.  I have been keeping my eyes open and it appears that this is the first episode with the new apartment set.  The outside is the same, it is only the inside that has changed.

- For anyone who is up to date with my red-yellow-blue theory and the revelation that the tape roll holder has been spotted in several episodes, here it is again this week…in Loeb’s warehouse.


What theories were overlooked?

- This is part of “What did we miss” as well as “What theories were overlooked”.  In Broyles’ office you can see a map on his computer screen.  There are two cities circled…Munich, Germany and Budapest, Hungary.  This is not the first time that these places have been mentioned.  Is it possible that Broyles is aware of Jones breaking out of prison and this is part of the manhunt or is there something else going on here?  Are they trying to track ZFT? Was Broyles aware of Loeb’s involvement and was watching his movements?


How have the characters developed?

- Olivia really kicks some serious ass in this episdode.  First she beats up several men at the warehouse in order to escape, then she gets into a all out girl on girl fight with Samantha Loeb, then she pays Loeb with a pistol-whip smackdown.  I love it!  Go Olivia!  Show these men what you’re made of.

- There was quite a lot of insuation of Peter’s affections for Olivia in this episode.  I remember thinking at the time that I hope they don’t intend on hooking the two of them up.  Thank goodness they haven’t done that so far.  It has never worked in the past.

- This week, Broyles has come to Olivia’s defense.  Dude…make up your mind!


What questions were never answered?

- In the episode Walter tells the others that the slug is a supersized virus, but in his labnotes he admits that it is not a virus but in fact a human cell from the wall of the intestinal tract.  Why did he lie to the team?

- What is it that Rachel is not telling Olivia?

- The true intentions of ZFT.  Who are the two sides (ZFT & MD)?  What are the rules?  What did they want with Olivia…reeaallly?

- When this episode first aired, I predicted that the men seen on the computer screen would appear in a later episode, but we have never seen them.  Who are they?  They must be part of the pattern or we wouldn’t see them in the Fringe Division office…and more than once.  Just filler, perhaps?  Is it related to the map on Broyles computer screen?


What tie was Broyles wearing?


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Clue to 112 hidden in 111

The book seen at the end of Episode 111, that Olivia is holding is titled “What’s that Noise?”…

The book

next episode clue

When the computer boots up in 112, the opening screen says “What,s that Noise?”…

The screen

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111 – “Bound” transcript

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Walter’s Lab – Idle Times

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The Observer – 111

I am re-posting my Observer find with an update…thank you to Linda and laachi for finding two other possible Observer sightings.


I originally thought this wass the Observer, but I could not find any other screenshot that had his face or figure.  J.J. Abrams is getting very good at hiding him.  If anyone has found a better shot of him, please let me know.

On the sidewalk


Here is a screenshot, as per Linda‘s great score…I think she might be on to something.  I’m not sure how he got into the FBI building unnoticed, but he looks directly at Olivia, which is more in keeping with his MO.

In the FBI building

laachi has noticed this shot at Loeb’s house, just before Olivia knocks on the door…

In the window

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Loeb – good or bad?

Plot twist!  So Loeb is claiming he is one of the good guys.  Should we believe him?  There is evidence to support both the theories that he is lying and that he is telling the truth.

good guy


A couple of things during the abduction scene lead me to think that maybe he is telling the truth when he said:

We saved you!  We were going to let you go.  We saved you!  You have no idea what you’ve done.  Not a clue.


First of all, he was wearing a mask.  If he intended on killing Olivia, there would be no need to disguise himself.  Unless perhaps, he is just a big fan of Halloween.



Secondly, there was a moment when Loeb brushes his hand up against Olivia’s face.  It was reassuring and almost tender, as if to say it will be alright.  This does not seem like the action of a man who is going to torture and kill you very shortly.

A tender touch


Also, during Loeb’s interview, he seemed genuinely upset that Olivia thought he kidnapped her.  The look on his face appears to be one of disbelief.




He’s a cold blooded killer! Murder! Death! Mayhem!  These things follow him everywhere.  And, although the road to hell is paved with good intentions, that can only get you so far.

bad guy

He instructed his wife to kill Olivia.  Although, it’s possible that they had already extracted what they needed from her, and even though he had planned to let her live (according to Loeb), she was now a liability.

bad guy

He’s a cold blooded killer!  Did I already say that?  It’s true!

bad guy

He could have just been reacting to Olivia’s accusatons to try to cover his own hide.  He’s obviously a good liar.  All double agents must have this quality, or they wouldn’t last long.

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111 – Easter Eggs or no?

Here are my screencaps for this week, that may or may not have anything to do with anything.  You be the judge…

The van

The graffiti

The sign

The book