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Looking back at 101 – “Pilot”

I think of all the episodes, I have watched the Pilot the most. So there wasn’t as many things to post about it as I thought there would be.  Here are some things that I did notice about 101 – “Pilot”.

This "pilot" featured a lot of students and how they study in college. That's why we've prepared for this issue an advertisement for our sponsors who help us shoot the episodes. Students studying there often use cheap article writing at https://essaysprofessors.com/cheap-article-writing-service.html




What did we miss?


- I think the biggest thing that I noticed in the Pilot was the odd blinking lamp above John and Olivia’s head while they looked in the dumpster.  Then we see it again, after the explosion, as Olivia lays on the ground. The reason I think it might be important is that there seems to be a pattern in the blinking.  Is it perhaps Morse Code?  Can anyone confirm this?  Here is the video clip…


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Massive Dynamic office in Toronto?

In the pilot episode, we meet Nina Sharp at her Massive Dynamic office in NYC.  Here is a screen shot…

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Walter’s EEG machine 101 & 109

In Walter’s lab notes for the “Pilot” episode, there was a diagram, that I presumed to be a rough sketch of the lab.  It looks like it could be the lab with the layout of all the equipment, and Walter’s comments pushed me to that faulty assumption.

“It gives me so much joy to turn the lights on and off at my own whim — and to resume the explorations I began so long ago, in this very laboratory.  The ratio of floor dimensions is the key.  How can I be expected to make true progress without understanding the properties of my space?”


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Clue to 102 hidden in 101

In Episode 1, there is a newspaper box with a picture of a pen and a rose.  In Episode 2, one of the guest characters, was named Dr. Claus Penrose…

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Popular Mechanics talks – “Pilot”

Popular Mechanics talks about the science of Episode 1…By Kate Schweitzer


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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – 101

About 32 minutes into the episode, we see Olivia drive up to the hospital in her car.  Note the Red Cross vehicles on the right hand side and the ambulance about to pass them on the road.

Image #1


About 37 minutes later, Olivia goes to the hospital to check on John…

Image #2


It’s the same shot, just a few moments later.