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Oct 10, Posted in News / Spoilers > Season 2 by Scully

Fringe – Charlie will be back!

I might have jumped the gun in saying good-bye to Charlie this week.  According to Jeff Pinkner, we haven’t seen the last of him.  This article is from Wednesday, but there is still some interesting bits.  The following in an interview by TV Guide:


In the season premiere, Peter says, “We’re done reacting. From now on, we call the shots.” What does this mean for the structure of the show going forward?
Joel Wyman: That line is really important. We view last season as a prologue. This season focuses on the actualization of our characters and delves into their lives. Basically, Peter is going to move to the forefront, he’s going to get out there and try to find some answers. Olivia is going to go through her journey of recovery. Walter is going to be investigating his emancipation.

Will it still feel like a crime procedural or something else?
Jeff Pinkner: The show is still going to feel very much like it did last year. But when we met Peter, he was here reluctantly and he knew he could jump at any time. Over the course of the season, he became committed to his father and Olivia, developed feelings for both of them in different ways. He starts to realize that some of these cases affect him personally, that he’s involved in this world in a way that he can’t quite understand.

What are the lessons from Season 1?
Pinkner: In Season 1, our characters were still coming together. They were learning about each other and this world they live in. Olivia was learning about her childhood. All three of the characters were finding their sea legs.
Wyman: We discovered that the cases are intriguing and fun, and it’s great to freak people out, but people definitely want to get to know our characters more. They want to understand what they’re going through on a personal level.

How much longer will “Charlie” be around?
Pinkner: “Charlie” will be around for at least [one more episode].
Wyman: That’s not to say he won’t come back. Don’t forget — there’s a parallel-universe Charlie too. We’ve seen him already.
Pinkner: Actually, I just left a set where [Kirk Acevedo] was filming. [Editor's Note: They were producing Episodes 8 and 9 at the time of our interview.]


Read the rest of this interview by clicking below…

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Sep 16, Posted in Season 2 by Scully

Only two days until ‘Fringe’ is back!

Hi everybody!

Sorry I have been gone for so long, but it’s been a busy summer and unfortunately, it’s not over yet.  I will be out of town until Monday, so I don’t even get to watch the first episode of season 2.

You can leave all of your comments on the Episode here and I will be back with a full set of posts first thing Monday morning.

Enjoy the Season 2 premiere.  See you Monday!


Aug 22, Posted in News / Spoilers > Videos by Scully

Season 2 – Episode Updates

Here are all of the most recent updates on the upcoming Season 2 of Fringe.

Episode Titles and Synopsis:

Season 2, Episode 1 “ A New Day in the Old Town

The first episode has to do with a shapeshifter who continually molds his face, somehow.


Season 2, Episode 2 “Night of Desirable Objects

One source indicates this episode Involves a series of bizarre disappearances.  Another source claims it is about a mole-man living under a town, pulling people underground and eating them.


Season 2, Episode 3 “Fracture

Unexplained bombs put innocent lives on the line and FBI agents in a race against time.

Season 2, Episode 4 “This is the Night Mail

A psychic, a killer and a new villain.


Season 2, Episode 5 “   “

A brilliant scientist who has dedicated his life to his work is driven by his desire for his work to be his legacy.  He is tragically afflicted with a deep seeded addiction that he has successfully hidden from the world and even himself.  A modern day Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.


Season 2, Episode 6 “Earthling

A man is wanted in Russia for stealing his brother and fleeing to America with him.  Fearing the Russian Government was experimenting on his brother, he brought his brother to the U.S. five years ago.  They have been off the grid ever since.

We will meet Diane, who is Broyles’ ex-wife.


Season 2, Episode 7 “Of Human Action

We will meet McKenna, who is the Director of the FBI and a former colleague of Broyles.


Season 2, Episode 8 “August

Casting Call:  [STRANGER] Caucasian. 30’s-50’s, male, shaved head (or willing to shave). A bit generic looking man who pops up quite a bit- Guest Star.

Is this a casting call for a new Observer?


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Latest Season 2 Spoilers – take the poll


The latest from TV Guide:

Any Fringe scoop? — Lizbeth
Right off the bat in the first episode, one character’s alliances will be questioned, and the answer will be heartbreaking for fans of the show. (Unrelated: Did you hear that The Observer showed up at Fox’s fall preview party last week? Honestly, I’m glad there’s photographic evidence because at the time, I just thought I was having the gin spins.)

Don’t forget to take the poll relating to this newest information.


Fringe executive producers and writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci spoke to IESB about season 2 and a little about alternate universe storyline.

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Observer leaving and Charlie staying?

We had all thought that FBI agent Charlie was leaving us…but recent promo photos and this set photo make it quite obvious that we haven’t seen the last of Charlie.


The Observer, on the other hand, might be a different story.  Di has informed me that Michael Cerveris has announced on his Facebook page that he won’t be around next season.  I had my doubt’s, but then I remembered a photo of an apparent appearance made by the Observer at the TCA party in Pasadena, California on Thursday night.  It wasn’t Michael Cerveris, so I wasn’t sure what to think, but now it is starting to make sense.  He’s possibly the new Observer…whoever he is.

Aug 7, Posted in News / Spoilers by Scully

Spoilers for Season 2

Thanks to Michael O’Neill at Flickr.com for these photographs of upcoming filming of Season 2 of Fringe.


Top five Fringe Season 2 Spoilers from TV Addict:

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