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Oct 7, Posted in Easter Eggs > Fringe - 203 Fracture by Scully

Easter Eggs – 203 Fracture

Here is what I and others have found for Easter Eggs in Episode 203-Fracture.


- Walter says “I stopped counting at 47” in reference to the needle holes in Officer Gillespie.  JJ loves that number.

- Officer Joan Klump is named after Post Production Supervisor John Klump.

- A Star Wars reference “Can you just cut the Yoda crap and tell me what’s happening to me.”

- A Wizard of Oz reference – Project Tin Man

- This isn’t so much an Easter Egg, but Walter foreshadowed the fringe science of this episode in The Road Not Taken, with his comment – “Matter is just energy waiting to happen. The average adult at rest contains enough potential energy to explode with the force of five very large hydrogen bombs.”

- A huge thanks goes out to David Wu of Fringemunks for this discovery. William Bell says ‘War is Coming’.

- We were correct last week in thinking that the Van Gogh portrait might be the next episode clue. It is well known that he cut off his own ear, and this week we see the severed ear that Walter is holding.


The following may be Easter Eggs, Next Episode Clues or nothing at all…you be the judge.

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Oct 4, Posted in Fringe - 203 Fracture by Scully

Olivia’s Flashback – 203

Here are some screen caps of Olivia’s flashback.  Most of them are direct shots from the finale last year “There’s More Than One Of Everything”.  Some of the shots were upside-down or mirror images, which we have seen Fringe use before (Inner Child for one).  But the last two shots are different.  The last shot, I believe is a close-up of WIlliam Bell’s face, but I’m not sure.  The second last shot is of William Bell using his oxygen mask, which we did not see last year.  Either it was from part of a scene that was cut or it’s from a scene that we have yet to see.

Click below to view the rest of the screen caps.

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Oct 3, Posted in Fringe - 203 Fracture > The Observer > Theories & Speculation by Scully

The Observer in 203 – “Fracture”

By the time the episode seemed like it was wrapping up, I was thinking “I missed him, where was he?”.  Well, as it turns out, the question this week was not ‘where is he?’, it was ‘what is he up to?’.

Last year there was a lot of speculation as to the intentions of our very bald friend, but I always maintained that he is on our side.  I have to admit that this week, I am starting to doubt that theory.  They have definitely given us reason to re-think all of our previous notions about the Observer.

I think the question about why he is always carrying a briefcase has been answered.  But another, very important question has come to the surface…What is in the briefcase?


Here is the theory in Colonel Raymond Gordon’s words…

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Oct 3, Posted in Fringe - 203 Fracture > Symbols & Glyphs by Scully

Glyph Code 203

Here are the commercial glyphs from this week’s episode – “Fracture”.


Oct 3, Posted in Fringe - 203 Fracture by Scully

203 – Fracture

Original Airdate: October 1,




Synopsis: Peter, Walter, Olivia and Broyles pursue a strange and deadly occurrence in Philadelphia where a bomb blew up inside a train station but left no trace of any explosive device. The perplexing and unexplained Read the rest of this entry »