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The Burlap Bear cover has changed

Last week I did a post on Ella’s book “The Burlap Bear”.  I noted that the original illustrations were different from that featured in the episode.  This week, you can see the book on Olivia’s coffee table, but the cover is the original one done by Christensen…

The Burlap Bear

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Is Mr. Jones the activator?

Nick Lane said that a man with glasses came to the hospital.  That he spoke all the old words, that they needed warriors and that he knew how to wake Nick up. Well I don’t ever remember seeing Mr. Jones with glasses on, but he’s still my choice, and here’s why.


He spoke all the old words‘  sounds to me like words from the ZFT manuscript…their bible, so to speak.  ‘We need warriors‘ only reinforces that ZFT is behind this, and where ZFT goes, Mr. Jones goes.  And the kicker for me was during the scene when Nick pulls his gun out of the drawer.  You can see a round symbol on the bottom of the drawer…

Nick Lane's drawer

Nick Lane's drawer


At first I thought it was a zodiac circle, but then I remembered the games that Mr. Jones sent Olivia to find, so I went back to “Fringe” Episode 14 - “Ability” and I found this…click image to enlarge.

One of Mr. Jones' games


It’s the same wheel.  So if Jones gave one to Olivia, then it’s safe to say he gave one to Nick Lane as well.

My theory is that these games are what actually activates them (wakes them up).  What I wonder now is, has Olivia already been activated when she shut off the lights of the bomb?  Is that the reason why she was able to see through Nick’s eyes in her dreams?

olivia dunham

Do you think Olivia will ever play the game that we see in Nick’s apartment?  What about the other games?  Will we see them in future episodes connected to other people who were treated as a child?  It seems there are two more questions for every answer we get.

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Glyph Code - 117

Here is this weeks commercial break glyph code…



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Lab Notes - Photo puzzle - 117

This is the fourth piece of the mysterious photo puzzle and every week I get more confused as to how these fit together.  In image #1, I have fit them so they would match the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci spiral, but none of the lines seem to match up…click on any image to see full size.

Image #1

Image #1


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The Observer - 117

As Olivia and the team approach the building where Nick Lane and his followers are standing, you can see The Observer walking across the street…


"Bad Dreams"

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Clue for 117 hidden in 116

When Olivia goes to the frat house, you can see a decal on the keg that says ‘RED BALLOON LAGER’…




This foreshadowed the big red balloon in Bad Dreams, that was part of Olivia’s vision of victim, Risa Pears, in Grand Central Station.

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Glyph Code - 117

Here is this weeks commercial break glyph code…

"Bad Dreams"


Here is the updated Glyph Code Key…

Glyph Code Key

Glyph Code Key

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Grilled Cheese & Pickles

I might really be grasping at straws this time, but here goes.  During one of the scenes at the hospital, you can see food on a tray.  At first I thought it was toast and pickles, but who serves pickles with toast?  It seemed more likely to me that it was a grilled cheese sandwich and pickles.

lab notes

Why is that important, you ask?  Well, in the lab notes for Episode 102 “Same Old Story” there is a grilled cheese sandwich and a pickle…


Grilled Cheese and Pickles


The interesting part is that the Mini-Observer has a whole sandwich and whole pickles, while Walter has only a portion of a sandwich and a portion of a pickle.  Is this meant to be a clue, or am I just seeing meaning where there is none?


Might it be that Mini-Observer has the whole story, knows the whole truth, and has all the answers, while Walter only knows part of the story, some of the truth and some of the answers?  I think it’s very plausible that even with all that Walter has seen and done, that it’s only the tip of the iceberg.


Is it possible that this is another clue that the young boy really is an ‘Observer‘?  In all of the photos from “The Arrival” of the Observer, he was the same age, but perhaps he started out just like this boy, young and unfamiliar, but with an obvious awareness above and beyond human capabilities (except possibly Olivia).


So what is the connection to Episode 102 “Same Old Story”?  I think it’s possible that this young ‘Observer’ will grow very fast, perhaps becoming an adult in a matter of a few months.  I don’t think it would be throught pituitary manipulation, like in Episode 102, but rather some sort of process designed by his own kind (whatever kind that is).


Well, like I said, I might be stretching it with this one, but I will be curious to see if a future episode (this season or next) will reveal the boys growth rate.   Anyone have any thoughts?

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UPDATES: yellow/red/blue & reflections

Thank-you to fm11 for finding an additional reflection shot in “Inner Child”.  Although it is not a mirror image, but rather a different camera angle, it still begs the question…what are they trying to tell us?


The air freshener


fm11 also pointed out the IV bag of the boy is yellow, so we will add this to our yellow shots from “Inner Child”.  It might be worth noting that the blanket is also Yellow, Red and Blue ?!?!


IV and blanket


fm11 has a great eye, he/she also noticed the M&M’s in the bottom left corner are Yellow, Red and Blue. Maybe there is something to this theory after all.  Thanks for the great catches, fm11.



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Mini-Observer reflections - 115

I was re-watching “Inner Child” last night and I noticed something interesting.  Olivia is talking with the mini-observer in the hospital when Eliot Michaels arrives.  She gets up and looks back at the child in his bed.  This is the shot…


Image 1

Then Olivia and Eliot walk outside the room to talk and when Olivia looks through the window back at the boy in his bed, this is the shot…


Image 2


At first, I thought it was just a goof, but if you look at the scratch on his head, it is on the left side of his head in both shots.  Was this just an error they noticed in post-production, and had to do a little photoshopping?  I don’t think so.  It would have been easier just to flip the shot, rather than move the scratch on his head.  If it wasn’t a mistake, then it was done on purpose.  What does it mean?


Perhaps it’s a reference to the boy being a mirror image of ‘The Observer’.  But doesn’t mirror mean opposite?  So if The Observer is good, then is the boy bad?  Or maybe the other way around?  In the final scene when the car passes The Observer on the road, is it a look of understanding on their faces, or is it a look of concern?


Is it possible that both The Observer and the Mini-Observer are from the same place or time, but have different agendas?  The ZFT manuscript stated that travelling between two worlds will cause irreversible damage to both worlds and in the end only one world will survive.  Is it possible that The Observer is here to stop that from happening and the boy is one of the warriors, or maybe The Observer is one of the other world warriors and Mini-Observer is here to help.  Just throwing theories out there, only time will give us the answers to all the mysteries of “Fringe”.