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Mean Anything? - 118

Here are my screencaps for this week.  They may be Easter Eggs, the next episode clue, or nothing at all.  You be the judge.  Click any image to view full size.

Image #1

Image #1 - This could be the actual door from wherever they shot this scene, or that cool pattern could be something more.


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Peter’s Mysterious Project

Only two episodes left, and I feel I must add a new mystery that I’d like solved by the end of the season.  What the heck is that thing Peter is building and why is he building it?  We first see the machine in “Unleashed”, as Peter talks to Rachel on the phone, so he’s been working on it for a while.

Peter's project.


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ZFT - Helping or Hindering?

Dr. Boone, when talking about ‘XT43′, said that it was designed to show off.  Show off to who (whom)?  Show off to the Observers?  Would the meaning of that statement be more accurate if he said ‘to intimidate’?


I am bouncing this theory off of the Quantum Physics theory about parallel universes.  Could it be possible that ZFT is actually trying to help the human race?  If they know about the Observers, and they are aware that both worlds will be destroyed, or they know the Observers’ intentions, then perhaps they are just trying to let the Observers know…’We are not unprepared.’  ‘We will fight for our right to survive.’


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The Pentagram - 118

On several occasions during this week’s episode, I noticed a pentagram pattern.  They were always in the bar or in reference to the bar, but there were too many of them to ignore.


The first was on the door of the bar…

Image #1


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Easter Egg or Fringe Fumble?

Remember that pesky tape-roll holder from “Unleashed”?  You know, the one that started me on the yellow-red-blue kick?

tape rolls in Walter's lab


Well, this week, in Dr. Boones lab, look what I found…

tape rolls in Boone's lab

After all of my ranting and raving about the yellow-red-blue color pattern, I find it hard to believe that this is a coincidence.


I suppose it could be a popular piece of lab equipment…but I watch a lot of Sci-Fi and Medical shows and I’ve never seen one before.  Or, perhaps the crew was low on props, so they just moved some stuff around.  Or maybe, Walter gave it to him.


Come on…not likely.  Oh boy, I’m obsessed.

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Clue for 118 hidden in 117

This is my best guess as to last week’s clue.

Poster in Police Station


There were a couple of other options, but this seems the most likely.  It kind of looks like a man who has had his spine ripped out through his neck.  There would definitely be a lot of blood.  If anyone has any other shots they think might be more likely, let me know.


UPDATE:  Thanks to sigma, I now know that this poster was not the clue, so on to candidate number 2…

Subway sign from "Bad Dreams"

Time and name of the episode "Midnight"


I didn’t choose this one first, because there has never been a clue that points to the title of the next episode before.  But when you take the clock and after hours bar into account, this does seem more likely.

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The Observer - 118

This week, if you watch closely, you will see the Observer walk behind Bob Dunn at the bar, near the beginning of the episode.  It might be just me, but that doesn’t look like Michael Cerveris.  I didn’t catch the credits, does anyone know if he was credited this episode?

Image #1

Image #2


Close, but in my opinion, no cigar.

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Fringe Fumble - Psychic Photography

I normally reserve my Fringe Fumbles for breaks or when I have exhausted an episode, but this one is just too horrific to let it slide, even for a day.  It was so bad that I was actually confused until I realized that it was a serious malfunction.


Approximately 15 minutes (commercial-free) into the episode, Olivia shows Dr. Boone a photo of the Agent who died in Ability and two photographs of victims with their necks torn out.  I assumed the second photo was the victim Boston P.D. found two days earlier, by the pier.

Photograph of second victim


About 15 minutes later, Peter discovers a body by the water.  Wait a minute…I know that guy…

Oops, there he is.


HELLO!!  Come on guys…this is not the Fringe that I know and love.  Minor continuity errors, I expect to find, it’s part and package, but this!?!  I almost fell off the sofa.

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Yellow, Red and Blue - yet again

For those who might not know, I have a theory about the color pattern of Yellow-Red-Blue.  I believe it’s being done on purpose, although, I have not yet figured out why.  You can read the original post HERE, the first update HERE and last weeks update HERE.


I suppose I might be wearing this topic down a bit, but I truely believe that there is some hidden meaning with the colors they have been showing us for the last few episodes.  I found two obvious shots of the color pattern this week, although they are not in the same order as we have previously seen.

Lights in the bar


Poster in the bar.


Di has found some interesting things involving these colors, and later in the week after a bit of reading, I will do another post on our frustrating theory.  For now I am posting the links, if anyone would like to check them out.

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Lab Notes - Photo puzzle - 118

I think it is pretty clear now, that this puzzle is definitely the Fibonacci or Golden spiral…