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Oct 4,

Olivia’s Flashback – 203

Fringe - 203 Fracture | Posted by Scully

Here are some screen caps of Olivia’s flashback.  Most of them are direct shots from the finale last year “There’s More Than One Of Everything”.  Some of the shots were upside-down or mirror images, which we have seen Fringe use before (Inner Child for one).  But the last two shots are different.  The last shot, I believe is a close-up of WIlliam Bell’s face, but I’m not sure.  The second last shot is of William Bell using his oxygen mask, which we did not see last year.  Either it was from part of a scene that was cut or it’s from a scene that we have yet to see.

Click below to view the rest of the screen caps.

8 Responses to “Olivia’s Flashback – 203”

  1. s.

    this ‘images on mirrors’ remember me alice through the looking glass, more one reference maybe.

  2. Bubbleman

    Did anyone catch what Bell says at the beginning of Olivia’s flashback? I re-wound it several times…nearest I can tell is that it sounds like he says “dying” but I could be very wrong.

    In some of the promo material from last year showing Nimoy in Bell’s office, there is a model of Nina Sharp’s robotic arm on one of his cabinets. We have yet to see that in the show.

  3. Jo

    okY is it just me? I just noticed we are 3 episodes in and no one has mentioned ZFT or William Bell? Considering all we did last season to uncover those facts is it significant that they haven’t mentioned it yet? Is it a clue?
    I’m back to the we are in a different reality again.

  4. Bubbleman

    No one has mentioned the Pattern yet either. But I doubt this is the “alt” reality since Charlie (or doppleganger Charlie) doesn’t have his facial scar. And Peter doesn’t exist in the alt-reality since Walter abducted him from there.

  5. Jo

    thanks bubbleman. I hope it’s just the screenwriters easing a new audience into the new storyline and not a “there is more than one of everything” switch up. Okay hysterical woman syndrome over

  6. Bubbleman

    I think Peter set the tone for this whole season in S2E1..his speech with Broyles about being the “clean up team” at the beginning and his speech at the end implying that they were going to be on top of things and “fight back”…and that’s what they’ve been doing, they’re going out and finding anything Pattern-like before it becomes part of the Pattern.

    Somehow when we finally meet Alternate Walter I don’t think he’s going to be a doddering nutcase like our Walter. I think he’s going to be a nasty piece of work who wants his son back…the Walter who didn’t end up in the asylum.

    One thing I noticed after re-watching all of season 1 again..every time Olivia flips to the alt-verse, she sees a dystopia on fire…burning buildings, police choppers in the sky. What if the alt-verse is not the aggressor here…what if their universe is the one that is slightly behind ours? Someone has clearly been making the Pattern happen there, as well as the cortexiphan experiments (the pyrokinetic twins for example). Why would Bell be hiding in “hostile territory”?

  7. Jo

    @ Bubbleman. All true this season feels different to me which is why i was thinking we might be in the other universe but what you said does kinds ring true. A suggestion to why William is in the other reality. The man is hiding. From who?? Nutso Walter. If the man is bent on destruction knowing what he is capable of hiding out might be the best thing to do. Then again he might be trying to salvage what’s happened and that is his base of operations for the same reason. Hmmmm more speculations.

  8. Bubbleman

    One thing I did notice about Bell’s office in alt-world..there was no massive dynamic logo. The end of the hall had some sort of circular motif or artwork, but the giant-M is nowhere to be seen. Maybe…just speculating here…the Bell of that world ended up in the nuthouse, and our Bell is there under an assumed identity, maybe running a different megacorp? Although I did notice his secretary is the same woman from our universe who escorts Olivia to see Nina…

    Too much fun. Love these parallel world themes…