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ZFT - Helping or Hindering?

Dr. Boone, when talking about ‘XT43′, said that it was designed to show off.  Show off to who (whom)?  Show off to the Observers?  Would the meaning of that statement be more accurate if he said ‘to intimidate’?


I am bouncing this theory off of the Quantum Physics theory about parallel universes.  Could it be possible that ZFT is actually trying to help the human race?  If they know about the Observers, and they are aware that both worlds will be destroyed, or they know the Observers’ intentions, then perhaps they are just trying to let the Observers know…’We are not unprepared.’  ‘We will fight for our right to survive.’


I don’t think anyone was surprised to hear that William Bell was funding ZFT.  I also don’t think that the connection between ZFT and Massive Dynamic was a shock either.  Both of these organizations have been connected to, what we thought was, pretty bad stuff.  However, sacrificing a few to save many, is a pretty common belief.  Is it possible that is what ZFT is doing?  The road to hell really IS paved with good intentions.


The problem that this theory leaves me with, is this…Does that mean that the Observer’s intentions are not entirely good?  Are they here to change our reality, to we would perceive as, an undesirable outcome?  Perhaps they are shaping our reality to fit their needs, so they can take over.  But this does not explain why the Observer saved Peter and Walter from certain death, many years earlier.  Honestly, I just don’t think the Observers are here to destroy us.


It could be the other way around.  Perhaps ZFT and Massive Dynamic are heading our world to certain destruction with all of their meddling, and don’t even realize it.  Causing rips in the very fabric of our world, or changing the course of our evolution.  That would mean the Observers are here to counteract ZFT’s actions, and set our world’s course back on the proper path.  ZFT could see this as an invasion and believe they are fighting for survival. Maybe, they honestly think that they are saving mankind, when in reality they are actually interfering with the ones that are trying to save our universe from some type of horrible disaster.


So where does that leave Walter?  Was he on board with William Bell and ZFT at one point, thinking he was on the right team?  Maybe he discovered something dark and twisty was going on, (ZFT’s true intentions) and the guilt of the part that he had played caused him to have a mental breakdown.  Maybe, when he met the Observer, he learned what was really going on and his brain just couldn’t handle it.  If that’s the case we circle back around to…


Are ZFT, William Bell and Massive Dynamic helping or hindering the fate of our world?

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4 Responses to “ZFT - Helping or Hindering?”

  1. Di

    i think the answer to that question [although precisely one of the core plots of the show and i don't think i'd be that easy], is held on nina sharp’s own statement: “Science and technology have advanced at an exponential rate for so long that it may be beyond our power to regulate or control them”.

    Massive Dinamic, just as was exposed by Dr. Boone on this episode and confirmed by Walter, have taken, and continue to take, science too far. Walter even mentioned in his conversation to Dr. Boone that he was ‘concerned if he’d ever have to pay for all he’s done’, so they know it’s bad. The moment the thirst for knowledge and control breaks the balance, it simply becomes greed’s younger brother and has similar disastrous repercussions. Massive Dinamic might have the delusion to believe they’re doing mankind a favor by finding a scientific solution to all problems of humanity, as much as they might just simply be breaking barriers for the sakes of proving their own personal intellect and superiority.

    I’m pretty sure MD is bad, whether delusional or not. September, on the other hand, could be anything. But i’m pretty sure he’s from another dimension, or another universe. As long as i heard about the multiverses, that part was really clear. I’m not sure if Michael Cerveris would’ve been the best choice of character if the observer’s supposed to be bad. He just looks so friendly and respectful

    And regarding Bell’s connection, of course it was obvious. Just as i’d told, if Bell was training children to be fighters, Jones is finding tampered adults for ‘training them’, and they both follow what the manifesto says..A=B=C. Unless of course there was a merger or an acquisition of ZFT from bell to jones, of course they had to be connected!

  2. Ph8

    Didnt he say it was to show off to other sceintists? To show what they could do or something like that….THey asked why in the episodes and he said to show off to other scientists…I cant remember the end…

  3. pr3sidentspence

    Good, evil, that’s so 20th century. Good writers colour in gray.

  4. Scully

    I agree, Di. It just can’t be possible, that the adorable, spice-eating bald man could possibly be bad. He is just way too ‘Uncle Pete’. Like any war, both sides feel like their justification is the correct one.

    If someone would just tell me what the heck that beacon was for!!

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