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May 8,

Why Walter…Why?

Next Episode Clues | The Observer | Theories & Speculation | Videos | Posted by Scully

It was a rough episode for poor old Walter.  A rollercoaster of emotions and revelations.  And the cherry on top – so to speak – is his reward at the end of the episode.  He gets scooped away by our bald, spicy-food-lovin’, barely-sayin’-a-word…Observer.


The big question for me, wasn’t so much, where.  He’s going wherever the Observer goes when he’s not here, and that’s a question that’t been beaten to death.  My big question was why?  Why oh why oh why??


Walter was not surprised by this turn of events, so whatever is going on, he knew it was going to happen someday.  But what is going on?  Was some sort of deal made between the two of them at some point?  Walter stole the beacon for the Observer to pay him back for saving their lives, but maybe that wasn’t the end of the debt owed to him.  If that’s true, then he did better than the folks over at “Supernatural”.  They only get 10 years before the hell hounds come for them.


Maybe this Walter is not actually from here, but then what happened to our Walter, or I guess, the original Walter?  Did he maybe die way back when, and this Walter stayed to raise Peter?  Maybe this is why he has so much trouble remembering things.


Maybe he’s going to help out.  He is pretty smart, after all.

Maybe he is clone.

Maybe he is a robot sent back in time protect Peter, the leader of the future revolution.

Maybe, maybe, maybe.


I’m just thinking outloud.  The truth is, I’m not sure if any of those things could be right.  My biggest concern is…when he comes back…will he still be Walter?  I have included the promo video for the finale, it has some clips that might help us with this one.


16 Responses to “Why Walter…Why?”

  1. pr3sidentspence

    Pulling this prediction out my my @$$:

    In the alternate reality Walter is sane and rich and William Bell is crazy and in a mental institution.

  2. Mic

    I can totally see that being true, pr3sidentspence. Maybe the alterWalter we see visiting Walter in the mental institution is the sane and rich one– he seemed a bit more held together than our Walter.

  3. ariannejean

    do the glyphs at the end come to anything?

  4. Scully

    If you mean the glyphs before each commercial break…yes, this week they spelled ‘VISION’

  5. ariannejean

    i knew that.
    I mean at the end of this preview.

  6. Scully

    Oh, sorry, I will watch it again.

  7. Scully

    Holy crap, that’s fast! It looked like leaf, hand and apple, but there was no yellow orbs, so I don’t think it was meant as a clue.

    Good eye ariannejean

  8. pr3sidentspence

    The leaf is the one from the handscanner in the lab where MD stores John Scott.

    It reminds me of the leaf the dove brought back to Noah’s Ark to show that the flood was ending. I don’t know why.

  9. ariannejean

    haha. thnx. too bad it doesn’t seem to mean anything.

  10. pr3sidentspence

    Oh, I’m sure it means someting. The pilot ended on it. (Or didn’t it?)

  11. ariannejean

    not sure. in the opening credits there are some without light i think. the notes i took when i went frame by frame through the opening say:
    FROG (R)

    not sure if that means anything.

    But the light less leaf is what is on the hand scanner in the pilot pr3s… there’s some symbols or something and then the massive dynamic logo soon after. gonna watch it frame by frame too.

  12. ariannejean

    there’s also a lightness hand in the previews that could maybe be an W

  13. Scully

    I believe the single glyph at the end of the pilot wasthe frog with a yellow orb on the bottom right, but there was also this at the end…


    The ‘W’ is the hand straight up with a yellow orb on the right…

    http://observersarehere.com/wp-content/uploads/ /04/glyphcodekey_3.jpg

  14. ariannjean

    http://observersarehere.com/symbols-from-closing-credits/2022/10/ is the end thing i was talking about. Guess I should have searched the website better.

    Im just wondering if the glyphs with no light could mean something by there position because they dont have the lights to be sure. W is my guess.

  15. Scully

    I wonder if, when there is no light, we need to concentrate on the symbolism that goes along with it.

    Seahorse – has the Fibonacci spiral on its side. Its tail is also a Fibonacci spiral.

    Frog – has the symbol for PHI on it’s back

    Flower – some of the petals are dragonfly wings and the center demonstrates a Fermat’s spiral.

    Honestly, I’m not sure what to do with my own information

  16. pr3sidentspence

    My wife pointed out to me the other day that the hand has 6 fingers… I hadn’t noticed it on my own. Thought I would share in case I’m not the only one.