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Where the Little Hill are they going? - 110

Fringe - 110 Safe | Fumbles | Posted by Scully

According to Olivia, Little Hill Field is in Westford MA, just off RT3.  For starters, Westford is closer to Highway  495 than it is to RT3…but, semantics, I say.  O.K. so Olivia announces that she will come in from the south and Charlie should come in from the west.  Kind of stupid to tell him to come in from the west…that means he has to drive all the way around the town to get to the west side.  Alright, so Charlie has to take the long way around…big deal…off they go…

Pink represents Charlie’s best route and black is Olivia’s. For larger view click on the image.

From Boston to Westford


Here’s where their plan starts to fall apart.  According to Olivia’s navigation system, she is now heading North on Plain Ave.  (by the way - it’s called Plain Rd. NOT Plain Ave.)  and she’s about to turn right onto Polley Rd.

North on Plain Avenue


This is where she has somehow landed herself.  For larger view click on the image.

A little off course.

I’m not even sure what to cry about first…the fact that she somehow ended up north of Westford, or the fact that Plain Rd. runs east-west NOT north-south.  Alright, so now she has turned south on Polley and is heading back in the right direction.  It’s no bloody wonder that she is still 10 minutes out.


Let’s check in with Charlie.  He has just communicated with Olivia that he is only 2 minutes out…Great!  But wait…did he just say he’s headed EAST on RT3?  What the *#*@!!!  RT3 runs north-south with the exception of a small strip just East of Westford. That means he has somehow missed the turn onto Highway 495, has turned his car around and has no hope in hell of being there in two minutes.


Poor Olivia, she was doomed from the start.

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  1. fm11

    There was a map of Cambridge on the computer in #5 that they used to track the pigeons, have you checked out it’s accuracy?

  2. Stephen Mann

    Yes, but Westford has been mentioned two times. Take *that* Littleton….

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