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Sep 27, 2009

Where are all the Easter Eggs?

Easter Eggs | Next Episode Clues | Season 2 | Posted by Scully

One of the reasons that I fell in love with ‘Fringe’ last year was the intentional placement of Easter Eggs throughout the episodes.  Little things that would make no difference in the story-line to someone who is just watching the show for entertainment value, but make the show like a treasure hunt for those who are watching more closely.  There is nothing more satisfying than picking up on something that has been hidden in the background for us to find.


Here are just a few of the Easter Eggs we found last season:


Last year, the episodes were riddled with these little hidden shout-outs and clues, not only to the episode currently playing, but to the upcoming episode and to the overall plot of the show.  The next episode clues were one of my favorite things to look for every week.  Find the clue, find the observer, crack the code, figure out the meaning…etc.  What a trip to take in just one short hour.

After watching the first two episodes of this season over and over again, I am really starting to have some concerns.  Either I am really losing my touch, or they simply aren’t putting the Easter Eggs there anymore. OK, so the Observer and commercial break glyphs are still there, but that’s not enough for me.

Let’s face it folks…they have utterly failed us in the department of viral sites, leaving us with only the show to concentrate on.  We apparently, have already lost Walter’s lab notes, which was a huge source of hidden information and clues, and now it seems that the Next Episode Clues and the rest of the Easter Eggs are almost non-existent as well. I am not talking about the obvious clues to broader things, I am talking about the little things that only you and I would notice.  The things that get us searching on the internet for meaning and relevance.  The things that cause us to bang our heads against the wall.  I love that crap.  I miss that crap.  I NEED that crap.  Without that crap…Fringe is only a couple steps above a long list of sci-fi shows starring creature of the week, killer of the week and an occasional mystery thrown in for good measure.

Don’t get me wrong…I am a devoted fan.  It would take a whole lot to get me to stop watching…but I have to admit that without the extras, my enthusiasm does die just a little bit.  Not to mention that it leaves me very little to blog about, except complaints.


I am trying to stay positive…maybe I am just not seeing them…so now I shout out to all of you…



I should take a minute to note that there has been an X-Files shout-out, one instance of the number ’42′, a daisy, a frog and a few possibles that I will post about later.  So there has been a couple of things, but not the caliber of last season’s Easter Eggs.

2 Responses to “Where are all the Easter Eggs?”

  1. RedViking4

    For this season I put a lot of attention to this series. But for all my reviews I have searched for some easter eggs myself. For me it seems that the easter eggs are more on the influences of the show (the movies, the series and i haven’t search but probably some books…) this season. I know I have found some that no one have spotted, but anyway, I’m just one guy…

    Maybe we should see again those old movies that influence Fringe ?

    Good luck on your hunt and I think you have a great site !

  2. Jo

    Hi Scully!
    Awh i’m sure they are there. I always loved how you found those little clues. How about the graffiti wall where Charlie was standing? Scenes like that could have something. SO far the scenes have been a bit.Erm spacious so finding something maybe a little harder but they are just starting out. I’m holding out hope.