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Apr 15,

Walter’s lab notes – 116

Fringe - 116 Unleashed | Walter's Lab Notes | Posted by Scully

"Unleashed" lab notes


Project 709 – Exploration 16


The Images:

Pages from Walter’s old note book, a beaker containing Trichloromide and another strange grainy photo, similar to the ones seen in the lab notes for Ability and Inner Child.


The Note:

Nietzsche – is a reference to Frederick Wilhelm Nietzsche a nineteenth-century German philosopher and classical philologist.


There are old notes from Exploration 1 and Exploration 7, although they are partially covered and cannot be fully read. It seems as though something interrupted Walter as he was typing his notes…because it ends during the middle of a word.


The newest note appears to have been typed with the same typewriter that the ZFT manuscript was typed with.  The image below is from the ZFT manuscript…

Note: the raised 'y'


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7 Responses to “Walter’s lab notes – 116”

  1. contagion

    If you look at the style of writing between the old and the new notes, you can see that walter had such clear thoughts before the incarceration, and such wavering, fuzzy thoughts after. Confirmation that he wasn’t always crazy.

  2. Thormoor

    What’s with the capital “Y” throughout the notes Walter has written?

  3. Thormoor

    P.S. I’m starting to think that maybe Walter is schizophrenic or he, at some point in the past, merged minds with someone hence the apparent two way conversation in his text and his difficulty in recalling certain memories, maybe getting his own and the “others” confused.

  4. Scully

    It’s not a capital ‘Y’ Thormoor, I believe it is the lower case ‘y’ that is not aligned with the other letters. I believe the purpose of the misaligned ‘y’ is to show us that it is most likely the same typewriter that the ZFT manuscript was written in. At least, that’s my theory.

  5. Scully

    Thormoor: I updated this post to include a zoom of the ZFT manuscript so you can see the ‘y’. Hope that helps.

  6. Thormoor

    Many thanks

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