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Apr 22, Posted in Easter Eggs > Fringe - 117 Bad Dreams > Walter's Lab Notes by Scully

Lab Notes – Photo puzzle – 117

This is the fourth piece of the mysterious photo puzzle and every week I get more confused as to how these fit together.  In image #1, I have fit them so they would match the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci spiral, but none of the lines seem to match up…click on any image to see full size.

Image #1


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Apr 22, Posted in Fringe - 117 Bad Dreams > Walter's Lab Notes by Scully

Walter’s lab notes – 117

lab notes for "Bad Dreams"


Project ?- Exploration ?


The Images:

Clippings from Nick Lane’s apartment, a a melted red candle and another strange grainy photo, similar to the ones seen in the lab notes for AbilityInner Child and Unleashed.


The Note:

Walter is still using the typewriter with the misaligned ‘y’.  It also might be interesting to note that this is the first time that the title of the episode is used, rather than a project and exploration number.

Apr 18, Posted in Easter Eggs > Fringe - 102 Same Old Story > Fringe - 115 Inner Child > The Observer > Theories & Speculation by Scully

Grilled Cheese & Pickles

I might really be grasping at straws this time, but here goes.  During one of the scenes at the hospital, you can see food on a tray.  At first I thought it was toast and pickles, but who serves pickles with toast?  It seemed more likely to me that it was a grilled cheese sandwich and pickles.

lab notes

Why is that important, you ask?  Well, in the lab notes for Episode 102 “Same Old Story” there is a grilled cheese sandwich and a pickle…

Grilled Cheese and Pickles


The interesting part is that the Mini-Observer has a whole sandwich and whole pickles, while Walter has only a portion of a sandwich and a portion of a pickle.  Is this meant to be a clue, or am I just seeing meaning where there is none?


Might it be that Mini-Observer has the whole story, knows the whole truth, and has all the answers, while Walter only knows part of the story, some of the truth and some of the answers?  I think it’s very plausible that even with all that Walter has seen and done, that it’s only the tip of the iceberg.


Is it possible that this is another clue that the young boy really is an ‘Observer‘?  In all of the photos from “The Arrival” of the Observer, he was the same age, but perhaps he started out just like this boy, young and unfamiliar, but with an obvious awareness above and beyond human capabilities (except possibly Olivia).


So what is the connection to Episode 102 “Same Old Story”?  I think it’s possible that this young ‘Observer’ will grow very fast, perhaps becoming an adult in a matter of a few months.  I don’t think it would be throught pituitary manipulation, like in Episode 102, but rather some sort of process designed by his own kind (whatever kind that is).


Well, like I said, I might be stretching it with this one, but I will be curious to see if a future episode (this season or next) will reveal the boys growth rate.   Anyone have any thoughts?

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Lab Notes – Photo puzzle – 116

O.K. – So I played with this for hours, and I can not get the third piece (Unleashed)to fit with the other two (Ability and Inner Child)…

regular size


I thought, because of the difference in the grain size, that maybe making the piece larger would work, but I still had no luck…

double size


Is it possible that this piece is a start of a new puzzle?  If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

Apr 15, Posted in Fringe - 116 Unleashed > Walter's Lab Notes by Scully

Walter’s lab notes – 116

"Unleashed" lab notes


Project 709 – Exploration 16


The Images:

Pages from Walter’s old note book, a beaker containing Trichloromide and another strange grainy photo, similar to the ones seen in the lab notes for Ability and Inner Child.


The Note:

Nietzsche – is a reference to Frederick Wilhelm Nietzsche a nineteenth-century German philosopher and classical philologist.


There are old notes from Exploration 1 and Exploration 7, although they are partially covered and cannot be fully read. It seems as though something interrupted Walter as he was typing his notes…because it ends during the middle of a word.


The newest note appears to have been typed with the same typewriter that the ZFT manuscript was typed with.  The image below is from the ZFT manuscript…

Note: the raised 'y'


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Walter’s Mnemonics – 115

In Walter’s lab notes this week, he mentions several mnemonics.  After some quick Googling, I was able to find the meaning of some of them…

lab notes

- Every good boy does fine.

music; mnemonic for the lines of the treble clef – (FACE!) – spaces

- Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally.

Order of Operations: Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division,Addition, Subtraction.

- Three point one four, pick your clothes off the floor.

3.14 is Pi

lab notes

Unfortunately, I had no luck finding any meaning for the others.  Does anyone have any ideas for these ones…

lab notes

- Always floss between your toes.

- See the dog jump around in a circle.

- My goodness but eating hot nachos causes pain.

- Water, earth, air & fire, only three in a funeral pyre.