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What about Charlie? - 202

I have some questions about our newest addition to the ‘Fringe’ team…Shape-shifter-Charlie, who I will refer to from now on as SSC.  I think his character deserves a little dissection, I mean, we do it to everyone else…right?

- Last week we saw the shape-shifter nurse get shot twice in the back and jump out of a second story window and it didn’t even phase her/him.  This leads me to believe that the shape-shifters have some super-human strength and high thresh-hold to pain…if they feel pain at all.  However, this week when SSC walks in to the typewriter store, he is holding his stomach and having trouble walking like he has been injured or is in a lot of pain.  Whatup?

At first I thought that perhaps SSC got shot at the end of Episode 202, but when I watched the scene again, there are no signs that he was injured at that point.  He seems fine, and even if he/she was injured, why would it phase him…it didn’t seem to phase the nurse.  So what I am thinking now is that perhaps there are side effects to the shape-shifting.  Maybe the longer he holds the form of somebody, the more detrimental it is to his body.  Or maybe the longer he is not in his own dimension, the harder it is on him.


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S.A. Charlie Francis - played by Kirk Acevedo

Charlie Francis

Charlie Francis

Full Name: Charlie_________Francis
Date of Birth: 1976
Place of Birth: Trenton, NJ
Marital Status: Unknown
Rutgers - B.A. in Economics
C.U.N.Y. - J.D. (law degree)
FBI - Special Agent