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116 – “Unleashed”

Original Airdate: April 14,

Original Airdate: September 23, 2022



Synopsis: As animal rights activists ransack a laboratory, they get more than they bargained for when one of the caged “animals” unleashes a ferocious appetite. Leaving grotesquely mutilated dead bodies in its wake, the scientific engineered beast with the body of a lion, claws of an eagle, fangs of a viper, skin of a rhinoceros and tail of a serpent attacks Charlie. With Charlie’s life on the line, Walter must come face-to-face with both his past and the beast.


Tidbits: Charlie’s wife Sonia is portrayed by Kirk Acevedo’s real-life wife, Kiersten Warren.

Fringe Fumbles:

Character of the Week:


Peter: “Are you ok?  Did you take something?

Walter: ” Psychedelics?  Not since Thursday, no.”

My Thoughts:

My Thoughts: I loved this episode.  Not necessarily as a mythology episode, but as a stand alone episode, it had a lot of enjoyable moments.


First of all, any episode that puts Walter and his craziness front and center has my vote.  Almost every scene had a little Walter-wit, which I have missed over the last few episodes.


In the underground scene, I felt as though I was watching a horror movie.  I was on the edge of my seat.  True suspense has not really been a ‘Fringe’ emotion until last night.  I like being scared!!


We finally get to see Charlie do something other than run along side or behind Olivia and the rest of the team.  When he was talking to his wife on the phone, and unable to tell her if he would be home for dinner, I was touched by his show of emotion.


And lastly…are Peter and Rachel dating?  What the fringe is that about??


The plot of the episode was not the most intriguing, and there wasn’t any new mysteries, but the other aspects, when put all together, made it one of my favorite episodes.

Apr 15, Posted in Fringe - 116 Unleashed by Scully

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116 – “Unleashed” transcript

Courtesy of : Fringepedia


Olivia’s Home – Bedtime for Ella

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‘Scenemaker’ video – 116 “Unleashed”

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