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May 4, 2009

Star Trek – Fringe connection

Blue Lights | Easter Eggs | Theories & Speculation | Posted by Scully

OK. so I went to see an early showing of Star Trek.  Amazing movie, by the way, I recommend it highly.  But that’s not what I want to talk about.  You know what I saw in the Star Trek movie?  Blue Lights.  Not just any blue lights, but OUR mysterious Fringe-lights!  What the Fringe is that about?


So one of two things is happening here:


#1 – The blue lights in Fringe don’t have any hidden meaning.  They aren’t little Eater Eggs for us to figure out.  They are just special effects that J.J. Abrams seems to like to use.  A new found look.




#2 – There is some sort of connection between Star Trek and Fringe.  J.J. has thrown an Easter Egg into Star Trek for us Fringe fans.


I do have a theory, but I will not go into when and how the lights in Star Trek were used, and what the connection to Fringe might be, until the film has been officially released and you have had a chance to see it.  But when you do get to the theater, keep your eyes open, and then get back here and tell me your theories.


So, as I was writing this post, I thought I would throw in a Star Trek poster, and this is what I found…


J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek"


Is that poster Red, Yellow and Blue?  Need I say more?


UPDATE: Thanks to Dennis over at Fringe Television for sending me these images of the blue lights from Star Trek…click any image to view full size.


Image #1


Image #2


Image #3

26 Responses to “Star Trek – Fringe connection”

  1. Steel Chariots

    Those effects that you are seeing are Lens Flares and yes, J.J. seems to enjoy using them excessively.

  2. Steel Chariots

    Don’t get me wrong, I think they are cool. I just don’t think that it’s a connection to Fringe.

  3. pr3sidentspence

    Sometimes a blue light is just a blue light.

  4. pr3sidentspence

    I’m watching The Colbert Report and J.J. Abrams the guest and he is claiming to have hidden clues in the show. Not about Fringe, per se, but I wouldn’t put it past him.

  5. Scully

    Sorry, do you mean ‘claiming to have hidden clues in the movie’? I would love it if he did. Even if they’re not supposed to be related to Fringe, I am sure we can make connections. We’re good at that.

  6. Thormoor

    I’m not sure about the colours in the poster being related to Fringe at all as these were the colours of the uniforms used in the original Star Trek series for each of the represented characters, coincidence I’m sure.

  7. p3sidentspence

    Sorry, no, he was claiming to have hidden secret messages throughout that episode of the Colbert Report. While he claimed this he rotated his coffee cup which had numbers and letters on the back of it, and Colbert’s next cue card had some non-roman letters on the back of it (farsi?).

    I’ll send you some screen caps.

  8. Scully

    Got it. Thanks pr3 (that’s your new nickname, I’m too lazy to type the whole thing)

  9. QuincyK

    does anyone have any pics of their uniforms, so we can confirm if that is what the colors on the poster where about?

  10. p3sidentspence

    lol, I wish I could stop typing the whole thing in all my logins.

  11. ariannejean

    of course he has an awesome guest on a day where I get a few seconds in and have to shut it off. Glad the show is available online.

  12. Thormoor

    As requested: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/c/c1/TOS-Crew0.jpg

  13. Scully

    Here are screencaps of the two clues from the show…thanks to pr3sidentspence for these.


  14. QuincyK

    Thormoor: sorry, i meant from the new movie. I haven’t seen it and i was curious if the uniforms were yellow red and blue as well.

  15. pr3sidentspence

    They are.


  16. Scully

    I heard a rumor that there is a Star Trek clip in Fringe tonight.

  17. pr3sidentspence

    Not only is there a clip of the movie for a commercial, but it turns out that all the Fringe stuff is actually an attempt by the Romulans to disrupt the space time continium to prevent the formation of the United Federation of Planets.

    That explains why Bones got eaten by a spine-vampire!

  18. Thormoor

    Sorry QuincyK I should have considered that too. Thanks to Pr3sidentspence for the link.

  19. Scully

    Yes, thanks for the link pr3. After last night’s episode and the obvious throw-in to Star Trek, I now don’t find it so hard to believe that J.J. would throw a little Fringe into Star Trek as well.

    I need to watch Star Trek again dammit!

  20. pr3sidentspence

    I just came home from seeing Trek and although it was awesome, I didn’t see any obvious Fringe references.

  21. pr3sidentspence

    From IMDB’s trivia section on Star Trek:

    Taking advantage of the 35mm 2:35:1 anamorphic stock film, cinematographer Daniel Mindel caught as many lens flares (a photographic effect where light sparkles everywhere) in the film as possible, to create a sense of wonder that enhanced the film: “There’s something about these flares, especially in a movie that potentially could be incredibly sterile and overly controlled by CGI, that’s just incredibly unpredictable and gorgeous.” Mindel would create flares by shining a flashlight/pointing a mirror at the camera lens, or using two cameras (and therefore two lighting set-ups) simultaneously.

    My guess it that JJA liked the look and kept using it for Fringe. I think it does mean something is going on, sort of like a visual form of eery noises, but I don’t think they have any meaning to be pulled from them.

  22. pr3sidentspence

    Actually, now that I think about it there is a Trek connection.

    This is a SPOILER for Trek.

    Nero’s travelling back in time causes the splitting of the timeline of TOS Trek and creates an “alternate reality” (that’s a quote).

    Just like I suggested in my many worlds explanation comment.

  23. Scully

    That is exactly the connection that I made pr3. I just couldn’t say anything without putting in spoilers.I wanted to wait until the movie was released officially,

  24. p3sidentspence

    How did you get to see it early?

  25. cc

    lens flare can visually punch up frames in which not much is going on. but the washes of blue light in abrams’ star trek look great when you watch the movie on blue ray. so he may be anticipating what the shelf life for his work may be. the people marketing blue ray would be smart to seed productions in which extravagant uses of blue lighting are possible. and maybe they already have.

  26. DJBStudios


    I think you’re right- William Bell, knowing that no matter what unfolded, one Universe would be destroyed by Walter Bishop’s actions, crosses over to the technologically advanced Alternate Universe, teaming up with THAT Bishop on a secret project to construct a craft capable of intergalactic travel, inventing and perfecting designs for Warp Drives, Teleporters and Phasers. The purpose: To take the top 5000 Leaders, Scientists, Athletes, Soldiers and Artists into the craft for the purpose of escaping the destruction and preserving the human race….
    This was the beginning of that universes Starfleet-
    Perhaps JJ’s Trek evolved from those events…in any case- at the very beginning, there would DEFINATELY be a Fringe Science Division on board to discover new tech and analyze alien life forms… (Just a thought :) )