Apr 15,

Lab Notes - Photo puzzle - 116

Easter Eggs | Fringe - 116 Unleashed | Walter's Lab Notes | Posted by Scully

O.K. - So I played with this for hours, and I can not get the third piece (Unleashed)to fit with the other two (Ability and Inner Child)…

regular size


I thought, because of the difference in the grain size, that maybe making the piece larger would work, but I still had no luck…

double size


Is it possible that this piece is a start of a new puzzle?  If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

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6 Responses to “Lab Notes - Photo puzzle - 116”

  1. Di

    ok, that seems around appropriate..if you look at the double size version on the lower corner of the lower picture, you kinda notice an extra red line, which would match the double line on the new picture, although the break line doesn’t seem to match to perfection i’m assuming that given the differences on paper and grain size that’d be expected.

    and it sort of resembles the golden spiral now a bit..sort of misshaped though. which leads to the golden spiral on the viral website, the one you drew over the map from the equation, no? more photoshop on the way it’d seem, maybe i’m just imagining things and/or obsessed with finding meaning to imaginetheimpossibilities.com

  2. Sir Fringealot

    I was thinking that maybe it will be a new glyph. Something that would answer one of the questions of this season. That would mean there would be 4 photos left, one for each side.

  3. Di

    Sir Fringealot, to think there are 4 pieces left could be accurate, given that we only have 4 episodes left of this season. although, based on the fact that lab notes are released post-airing, we could only assume that the shape/glyph revealed would be a key for next season, and not this one.

  4. Scully

    That would actually be amazing if it was a clue for next season. Something to rack my brain with all summer long.

  5. Alex

    It looks to me like the beginnings of the Fibonacci spiral: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/7/79/Fibonacci_spiral.svg/800px-Fibonacci_spiral.svg.png
    Though, I could be wrong. The little squiggle at the beginning of the line might throw that theory off, but.. Could just be a design thing..

  6. likethethinking

    Wow — I really like the thinking there! Blowing the shape up double size was an excellent idea. Although it might not fit properly this time, you might have unlocked a key to this mystery somewhat. I say this, because although we keep looking to the shape in the picture as being a probable fibonacci spiral —— by blowing up the third photo, you are effectively piecing them together by turning them into fibonacci squares (which in turn, makes the actual photos, and not just the subject of the photos, fibonacci spirals). You see what I’m saying?

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